La Quinta Columna reports on the progress of the final report on the analysis of the Pfizer vaccination vials

September 30, 2021

Given the number of questions asked to La Quinta Columna about when the final report on the analysis of the Pfizer vaccination vials will be released, Ricardo Delgado offers information on the matter.

It had already been announced in previous programs that this report is going to be published in a few days. 

The Spanish team behind the analysis is making sure that it's as complete and reliable as possible.

Below, Orwell City brings the update.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Another thing I want to mention is the issue of the final report since many of you have asked me about it. So, what I want to tell you is that everything is on the right track and that you can trust the words I'm telling you right now. 

This requires more than an analysis. An analysis, concretely, requires an investigation. And, in this sense, the more research, the better. All the time that elapses without us making a pronouncement on many of the questions we're asked, it's a function of increasing the analyses that complement the evidence. And, above all, in order to protect the figure and the person who is carrying out these analyses, as well. So you can understand, precisely, why we don't talk as much about the report as we would like to. 

Until we haven't put the last nail in the coffin as it should, we're going to be intelligent and use this strategy. This doesn't mean that, to date, we don't have much more conclusive data than what we had initially.

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