Dr. Campra emits an official response to individuals who try to discredit the validity of his analysis of the Pfizer vial

September 03, 2021

Since Dr. Pablo Campra published the official preliminary report of the analysis he carried out on a Pfizer vaccination vial, the attacks against him and La Quinta Columna haven't ceased. Certain individuals and groups have gone to great lengths to discredit his work, even arguing that what he has found 'isn't graphene oxide but polyethylene glycol.' 

The saddest part of the situation is that collectives that call themselves 'For the Truth' are some of those who try to discredit the finding that's impossible to counter because it's real. 

The false dissidence and the globalist media have tried everything to make people believe that the analysis is fake, but their 'arguments' are increasingly weak and easily countered.

Orwell City brings the official statement emitted by Dr. Pablo Campra through La Quinta Columna a few hours ago into English.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: This is what Dr. Campra has shared. You see his digital signature down here. So, everything here in this communiqué is under his name. 

'Comment on the hypothesis of microscopy identification of polyethylene glycol in the sample as COMIRNATY RD1

RD1 = Ricardo Delgado Martin. That's the sample that I sent. This is signed by Dr. Pablo Campra. This statement alludes to certain individuals who have shared a photograph to question, with some lack of scientific rigor. And the saddest part is that it has been shared in both forums and channels of Biologists for Truth. Now we understand the degree of ignorance and lack of knowledge of certain groups. To this, Dr. Campra responds: 

'The proponents of the hypothesis don't present original observations nor do they provide bibliographic reference of the photograph presented to evaluate the hypothesis. Both polyethylene glycol and sucrose are part of the composition of the product, according to the manufacturer. But they cannot be identified by microscopy.' 

Dr. Campra made it very clear in the preliminary report itself. They're swept with hexane. Those elements disappear from the sample, OK? Both the PEG (the polyethylene glycol) and the sucrose. Let's be clear. 

 'According to the manufacturer, PEG would be part, along with 3 other lipids of the outer membrane of the lipid nanoparticles. A membrane that, in theory, was disintegrated when the aqueous phase was separated with hexane.' 

You'll see the illustration sent by Dr. Campra later. 

'The polyethylene glycol molecules remain dissolved in the aqueous phase without forming any membrane observable under the microscope. The aqueous phase of the COMIRNATY RD1 sample showed the main signal corresponding to sucrose when scanned in Raman (NMR). However, when evaluating only the components, only the components of the aqueous fraction showed ultraviolet absorption. A maximum of 270 nm was detected, which is compatible with the trace of the genetic material (RNA), graphene, and many other substances with chromophore groups, which don't include sucrose, which has...' 

Let's look now at the other page. 

'...a different peak at 197 nm...' That is, there was no sucrose or PEG because they were dissolved, '...which doesn't show absorption to ultraviolet radiation. Of this absorbance, 270 nm, only a minimal part can be ascribed to RNA at 1%. The substance or substances responsible for this absorption haven't been definitively characterized by spectroscopy.' 

Yes. All the rest is assumed to be the fashionable material we know. 

'The sample also showed fluorescence at 340 nm compatible with graphene and other substances but not with sucrose or PEG. PEG doesn't show UV absorption because it has no active chromophore group for UV absorption unless some are added, such as metallic particles. Polyethylene glycol molecules cannot be observed under the electron microscope unless they're functionalized with opaque nanoparticles such as metals. The numerous 2D lamellar objects observable in the sample don't correspond to any PEG image or derivative seen in the literature. The definitive identification of the observable 2D objects in the sample by optical and electron microscopy (TEM), which were the ones that most characterized from the point of view that it was graphene, requires structural characterization by obtaining specific spectroscopic and/or diffraction patterns.' 

He said this today, September 2, 2021. 

OK. Now I want you to look at this. This is what a certain individual has sent in saying... Here's our graphene sample, the black mesh. Now, you're going to see what the black mesh is, and here you see a fold like a handkerchief, which is what is identified as graphene. However, this individual has put polyethylene glycol here, see? And now I want you guys to look at this. I'm zooming it in. The mesh. It's a carbon mesh used as a carrier so objects can be imaged in the transmission electron microscope.

That's to say, it's as if you were to buy that little glass slide for the optical microscope where you're going to carry and put the droplet of the aqueous solution. Or the blood that you're going to analyze. Or the vegetable. Whatever you want to analyze using those meshes. In fact, they are 200 or 300 mesh grids. You can find them on Aliexpress. 

Copper, carbon microfiber. Support film for transmission electron microscopy. Mesh carrier. Consumable electron microscopy membrane holder. This is it. OK? That's not polyethylene glycol. I say that for that individual who tries to stir shit and confusion into the population. Let's see if he can understand. 

Here you have, for example, the copper mesh, which is what this individual says is polyethylene glycol when in reality it's used to see certain substances under the microscope. OK? This has been provided to us by Dr. Campra for clarification purposes and for everyone's knowledge. 

This is supposedly the lipid nanoparticle structure of the RNA that goes into the vaccine. Hexane was added to undo that outer layer of the lipid nanoparticles, as you know. It says, 'The mRNA lipid nanoparticles include a low RNA copy number (1 - 10). And the mRNA is bound by the ionizable lipid that occupies the central core of the LNP of the nano lipid particle. The polyethylene glycol lipid forms the surface of the lipid nanoparticle. So this is what you see here, OK? It's just the outermost layer. Here's the illustration. Always remember the illustration. This layer also forms a bilayer together with the DSPC. So this is what is removed so that the material inside is free. Therefore, this will never appear directly in the sample, as some people try to prove. 

And I say this because what makes me most sad, or disappointed, or I don't know what the word is, is that a collective like Biologists for the Truth doesn't know this. And I say that they don't know this, or at least they don't verify the quality of the sources of information coming from certain individuals. 

That it's all a matter of attacking La Quinta Columna, that's just not the way to work! If half of the publications are against La Quinta Columna with this kind of guarantee, and the other half are from the Spike planet, we're not going anywhere. It's because of things like this that they'll never accept dialogue or a debate to focus on a common good. It's impossible.

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