La Quinta Columna comments on cases of myocarditis caused by the 'vaccine'

September 10, 2021

Cases of myocarditis in vaccinated individuals have skyrocketed since the vaccination campaign for their age range began. 

Some of them have realized that, regardless of what the treating physicians tell them, the misnamed vaccine is what has caused them this cardiac complication, as it contains graphene oxide.

In a recent program, La Quinta Columna has addressed the topic, once again, to continue to alert the world's population to the health risks graphene oxide poses.

Orwell City offers the excerpt below.

Link: Rumble

Girl: During the month that I have been in the hospital, they have done all kinds of tests to find out... 

Ricardo Delgado: She is 17 years old.

Girl: ...why this had happened to me. I was diagnosed with idiopathic myocarditis. 

But well, I left the hospital without any document explaining why this happened to me. 

They did autoimmune tests, tests to exclude insects that could have bitten me. Tests for viruses, sexually transmitted diseases, pathologies that I might have had since I was a child and that have been expressed now. But in all of them, the results have been negative. 

The only thing I had done 10 days before was to get the vaccine. 

Ricardo Delgado: Well, that's it! But man, for God's sake! 

To the doctors and health professionals: How you waste your time and waste the resources of all Spaniards! But you have vaccinated this 17-year-old girl 10 days ago, and she already has inflammation of the cardiac muscle! Myocarditis! 

And who knows how she will react in time. Because I also have to tell you that the risk of survival, or rather, the probability of survival a person diagnosed with myocarditis has, depending on the severity, is low in the next 5 years. Barely 35%

You tested this girl to see if it was a mosquito, insects, sexually transmitted diseases, all kinds of viruses. But you forgot the main point: that you had vaccinated her 10 days ago. Man, please! My god! 

Girl: And they told me that it might have been the vaccine, but they can't be 100% sure. 

Ricardo Delgado: Ah, that it 'might' be... Of course. 

Girl: Judge for yourselves the story. I have already explained it. 

Ricardo Delgado: The problem isn't that we judge it, kiddo. The problem is that we try to spread the word, but people don't know about it. While this girl is saying this with the reach that La Quinta Columna and other alternative media may have, at the same time, they (the ones up there, the criminals) tell us not to trust what appears on social networks. What appears on the internet. However, they'll soon say it. You'll see, soon, a couple of news. They're agreeing in all parts of the world to say that a solar storm is coming and a coronal mass ejection that's going to leave us, without internet for months. All with the same news. We are used to that, aren't we? Globalism is here and everywhere to stay. 

And the problem is that you, unfortunately, kiddo —because we don't know your name—, have run, in your naivety, directly take that thing they call vaccine. Maybe now you regret it. You have done well, and we thank you very much for uploading the video to TikTok. We don't know how long it will last there. But it'll be useful for other people around you to become aware and, above all, for the parents who may be listening to us. Let them know of the enormous risk this poses. Because it has no benefit. Because a toxic has no benefit whatsoever. 

And you will say: 'But why do you say toxic? You call it poisonous just because. You're an 'anti-vaxxer' and that's all.' 

I call it that because there's a toxicant that's the main component of the vaccine. It's graphene oxide. Because there's nothing leading the body developing any kind of immunity to a non-existent pathogen. Because the deception is so great that this toxin has been introduced precisely to undermine people like that kiddo. 

Until you understand the wickedness of those who really run the institutions from the highest levels, you won't really understand what's going on.

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