Dr. José Luis Sevillano on authorities and doctors who still don't explain the magnetic phenomenon

September 21, 2021

Cases of magnetized inoculants continue to be reported around the world. Recently, a video on the subject has been sent to La Quinta Columna. It's the case of a man who has had his entire chest magnetized for months. It's very striking because spoons and a cell phone stick to his skin even if they are thrown from a distance.

As a result of cases like this man's, Dr. José Luis Sevillano, once again, calls the attention of doctors and authorities who are still not able to give an answer to this phenomenon. They haven't even wanted to leaf through the preliminary report that the Spanish researchers sent them since it was published by Dr. Pablo Campra.

Instead of collaborating and helping to stop this process of global intoxication, they choose to ignore the evidence and use the well-known fact-checkers to defame a scientifically valid work that they cannot counter with anything. 

La Quinta Columna has also reported, in recent days, that the final expert report on the analysis of the Pfizer vials will be published in a few days. This work will mean a much more significant before and after than the official interim report released in June.

Below, Orwell City offers the related excerpt in English.

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Ricardo Delgado: Well, precisely, for those who have laughed at the magnetic issue —which has been only them because, logically, there are millions of videos all over the world about it—, this one is from our country, Spain. And it's very shocking. How can this be denied? La Quinta Columna, take a look. 

Tattoed man: Precisely, we're here where I work, which is a business in Barcelona. All my colleagues have been inoculated, except me. It's true that when they took the first dose and then the second, in the inoculation area, if we put a spoon and so on, we saw a magnetization in them. Some more than others, but it was evident. Well, seeing the issue and so on, and just talking to my partner... 

Paco: And it's been 3 months. 

Tattoed man: You still have it after three months have passed since you took the 2nd dose. With that fucking... 

Paco: Fucking dose. 

Tattoed man: Cursed day. 

Paco: Exactly. 

Tattoed man: Well, we're just doing the magnetism test, and I'm freaking out. I mean, as far as I can see, the magnetism is moving from the injection site and distributing in the lung area. Because yes, it's true that he only expresses magnetism in the back and torso.

Paco: Yes, exactly. 

Tattoed man: And, then, we're going to do some different tests with spoons. The first one is to stick them and the second one is to throw them from a distance. And here and here is the evidence. But, best of all, this same spoon has areas where it sticks, but then it goes down to the belly... Well, it stuck. Look, now I'm going to remove them. Now turn around, Paco, to see your back. They stick too. You notice how you attract them, don't you? 

Paco: Yes, of course. I can feel them sticking. I notice that I attract them. 

Tattoed man: It's just like that. And then, the most curious thing of all is the cell phone thing. The cell phone thing is crazy because... 

Paco: Throw spoons at me from a distance and they will stick. Do it, so they see it too. Let them see it. They'll stick instantly. 

Tattoed man: Yes, exactly. Without any difficulty. They stick like you're a dartboard and spoons darts. They stick. 

Paco: Without any effort. It's just unbelievable.

Tattoed man: This is a real head-turner.

Paco: It's unbelievable. 

Tattoed man: Well, that one doesn't matter. That's the point. Just so you can see, the cell phone sticks too. Look what happens. It sticks. 

Paco: It sticks to me. Stuck. 

Tattoed man: Stuck. To those who say that this is sweat and such: EAT SHIT. 

 Look, it stays there. It stays on the skin. 

Paco: Try it on my back. 

Tattoed man: Here. Here. 

Paco: I can feel how it's attracted. 

Tattoed man: I'll do the test now. Me too, since I'm not inoculated. People may cite tattoos and say they grant me protection. Do the test with me. 

Paco: For example, my friend hasn't taken any dose. We do this, and it falls. See where it goes. To the floor. And if I press with my fingers to make the spoon stick to him, it doesn't. It stays here because it touches his belly a little bit, but if he moves it, the spoon falls off. 

Tattoed man: Now try the big spoon. 

Paco: It's the same. It sticks even less. 

Tattoed man: And now the telephone. Be careful, because it will fall off. 

Paco: I'll do it carefully because it won't stick to him. 

Tattoed man: Exactly. 

Paco: I'm holding it with my hand, but see? See? Look, and I'm squeezing it with my finger so it doesn't fall. It falls off. 

Tattoed man: It falls of. On the other hand... 

Paco: However, it sticks to me without any problem. See? 

Tattoed man: These sons of bitches are killing us. And if we don't stop them, they're going to kill us all. They have to fall first. Let them die before us. Sons of fucking bitches! 

Ricardo Delgado: I wouldn't want to meet this man so close. It's unbelievable that the phenomenon can be denied. It's unbelievable. I... 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: They're already saved, Ricardo. Those people are already saved. We have already saved two lives, and all their relatives. All thanks to the fact that we have shared this information on the net. 

They have done the test, and they have been freaked out. They've said, 'So what is this?' They've figured it out. They've woken up, and they know where the enemy is. 

Have you seen how quickly the association is made? A guy who vaccinates me with something that does this to me is a son of a bitch who's coming for me. 

Don't you fucking know how serious this is? They're putting a toxin that we have discovered in the vaccine. We have also found out what it is. Even if we didn't know it was graphene, it's something that leaves your body magnetized. This is what the man to whom the spoons stick as if he were a dartboard receiving darts is telling you. He's already aware of the danger of what's in his body.

So what? Are we going to discuss whether we're Freemasons, Rosicrucians, or CNI agents? (*) 

You can discuss that with your fucking mother. Here are people who are dying and people who are going to die because you're wasting your time on such bullshit. This is about people being poisoned with something that leaves a magnetic trace. It's so obvious that if everyone knew about it, they wouldn't take the vaccine. And you have put a brake so that this is not known. 

(*) Dr. Sevillano addresses false claims that certain fact-checkers posing as a collective 'For the Truth' made about La Quinta Columna a few weeks ago.

And when we issued a report that we didn't have the obligation to issue —a preliminary report that was enough for the authorities to be alerted, and that we didn't even have to provide—, just by asking them for explanations of the magnetic arms, they should have moved their asses. But they didn't. 

We go and get a preliminary report, and they think it isn't enough. 'No. It's not conclusive.' That's what the comrades 'For the Truth' say. They say it isn't conclusive. 

But what the fuck do you want for it to be conclusive? The buried dead, the autopsy, and the coroner's report saying it was due to graphene? And then, how do you resurrect people once they are dead and autopsied? What do you need to start moving? 

In Japan, they have, with their own eyes, seen strange things and, quickly, they have retired vaccines. And you need 40 studies? To start moving? What are you for, then? If you are a collective 'For the Truth,' what are you doing that you aren't denouncing this? And all you doctors who know this, what are you doing? Why aren't you reporting this immediately to the medical associations? You aren't going to do it, are you? Then, it's up to us to do it.

If you have comments or information for La Quinta Columna, then you can refer to their official website. Follow them on their official channels on TelegramInstagramYoutube and TwitchIf you want to contact directly, send them a message to: tutoronline@hotmail.es. Don't worry about the language barrier, they understand English and French.

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