Official Interim Report: Detection Of Metallic And Non-metallic Materials In Aqueous Suspension (ChAdOx1-S)

September 17, 2021

Molecular Biophysicist Guillermo Iturriaga, CEO of Laser Beam Technology Chile, has conducted a series of analyses of AstraZeneca vaccination vials from an external and electronics point of view. 

Based on what he has discovered and studied, he wrote an official interim report that describes how he detected electronic components in the composition of the substance that so many people carry in their bodies. 

The most shocking part of his research is that these nanocomponents he detected create electric fields when the vials are shaken.

The biophysicist has kindly agreed to share his report and have it translated into English by Orwell City so that people can learn that, in addition to carrying graphene oxide, these substances contain subtle nanotechnology designed for an unknown purpose that's not beneficial at all.

If you want to re-translate the report into another language, you can use the translation made by Orwell City. However, it's strongly asked to inform Guillermo Iturriaga beforehand that you'll translate his report to another language. You can contact him at

Below is the official interim report he has written in English:

Original version (Spanish): HERE.

You can find the report translated into German on Namluu.

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