How to tell if there's graphene oxide in your blood

September 14, 2021

In the most recent interview that La Quinta Columna gave for No Más Mentiras Uruguay, Dr. José Luis Sevillano referred to the examinations and blood tests that can be done to determine if graphene oxide is present in the body of an inoculated person or not. 

The doctor made special emphasis on the fact that it's not enough to have these tests done only once, but that the patient must be followed up for several months because graphene oxide may take up to a year to be eliminated in its totality by the organism if the inoculant took only one dose.

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Fernando Vega: I have a question for José Luis. Let's say I got vaccinated. Let's take the example that I got vaccinated, and I say: 'Okay. Let's see, I'd like to check how I am to know if I have or not, perhaps, the consequence of having been injected with graphene or whatever.' Let's see, at the blood test level, what things should I ask to be done in a hemogram? How can I get a report to know how I am? What would you advise me at the level of, I imagine, blood tests? I figure that this is the way to go.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: In medicine, the first thing you do is the patient's medical history. You ask people how they feel, how they are. The anamnesis. Then they're examined to verify that they don't have any type of skin lesion that might suggest a coagulation problem. In short, you examine them and see if there's anything that catches your attention. 

If the patient seems to be okay, what I would do —in addition to the usual examination—, is adding the examination of the inoculation point, upper thorax, back, and head to verify if there's any magnetism. If there are no magnetic phenomena, perhaps he hasn't received the material and has been injected with a placebo

It's also necessary to consider the time elapsed since the inoculation because, with time, this magnetism may disappear. That's to say, the patient is examined, some kind of magnetic sign is looked for, and, if desired, complementary tests are added. In this case, if there is no suspicion of anything, blood coagulation can be investigated. 

The hemogram only considers red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets and, for example, the coagulation factors that are usually requested. Prothrombin time, fibrinogen, activated cephalin time, and, in addition, D-dimer, because it may be that...

Fernando Vega: Tell me more about that. We have seen a lot of videos about D-dimer. Can you explain to us how that test works?

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: It's not the only factor that's disturbed with all this. Platelets can also be altered. I mean, you can get an idea. But the reality is that this element that's introduced into the blood is modulable from the outside, depending on the proximity to external electromagnetic fields. This nanomaterial has toxicity. It may be that you're feeling perfectly well, that you barely have or you have very little D-dimer, for example, and when one day you go eat ice cream in front of an antenna... Goodbye

Everything will start to disturb you. There's no constant there. That's to say, this is not a normal toxic that you take, you inject, and that's it. It's not something that can hurt you or not. No, no. It's that it's introduced into your body. And you can live perfectly well until, one day, you get close to an antenna, for example —or they activate them—, and you're exposed to those frequencies. We know that these people control them somehow because they create waves. And they create them through this nanomaterial. If they didn't, they wouldn't have introduced it in the flu vaccine the last two seasons. 

In other words, this nanomaterial can be modulated from the outside. So, you can feel well today and unwell tomorrow depending on where you are and what kind of signals you are exposed to. 

Tests can be done, but I would not rest easy until at least half a year has passed. Because we know that these people think or plan to vaccinate every 5 to 6 months. And that means that it could take a year for the body to get rid of this nanomaterial in its entirety. So, before the body gets rid of the nanomaterial, these people give the doses so that there's always a level of it in the inoculants. So we know that it disappears over time. But as long as it is in the body, there is a risk even if you feel fine. It probably depends on where you are, where you live, and so on.

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