Dr. José Luis Sevillano on how Graphene Oxide triggers Arrhythmias

September 26, 2021

Dr. José Luis Sevillano explained how graphene oxide intervenes in the electrical fields of cardiac tissues, eventually generating arrhythmias. Especially in athletes and people who practice sports intensely or for long periods

He also mentions how the presence of electromagnetic fields worsens the situation and may cause sudden death.

All the details of the phenomenon brought to English by Orwell City, below.

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Ricardo Delgado: José Luis, very good evening. 

Dr. Sevillano: Good evening. 

Ricardo Delgado: We were saying in the introduction that we have seen... Well, the program of La Quinta Columna, unfortunately, is becoming a string of... A list of obituaries. 

Today we have read news about at least nine cyclists aged 40, 21, and 24, some professional and others amateur. But they're news of athletes who die suddenly. In a couple of cases, we have even corroborated the environmental theory in a very concrete way. They're cases in which these people have died right in front of an antenna. 

With this, it's also understandable that now people are trying to justify that sport deteriorates the heart when we have always been told the opposite. It was bombproof for heart attacks. Practicing some sports, as long as it was not too much, worked the cardiovascular system. You lowered your resting heart rate. That was what we knew. But we have the feeling that they're going to change the little science we knew as accurate. They're going to change it according to their interests, which is what they have always been doing. 

Dr. Sevillano: No doubt about it. 

I have the feeling that graphene in cardiac conduction tissue is a trigger for arrhythmias. It's as if you were carrying a kind of strange pacemaker that, as you excite it when you do sport, you increase the energy it's capable of eject. And, in the end, it ends up generating deadly arrhythmias. That's the role of graphene in athletes. 

That's, as you speed up your heart, the graphene gets excited and generates more impulses. So it's creating, in any focus of the heart, a place where an arrhythmia is going to be generated. That's what is killing young sportspeople. Those aren't heart attacks. There may be some, though. We have already seen some images. 

But in general, those sudden deaths where there is no chest pain or anything that announces them are arrythmias. And are surely caused by graphene impregnating the cardiac conduction tissue and the myocardial tissue. That's to say, this must generate foci that, instead of respecting the, let's say, the rhythm imposed by nature through the logical structures of the heart, are generating foci of arrhythmia. 

The moment you excite the graphene, you start to generate activity. You start to increase and increase the body temperature. And, in addition, you're increasing the intracardiac activity at the electrical level, and the polarization of myocytes, and the depolarization of the conduction tissue. As you increase the energy, the graphene becomes excited and, in turn, generates abnormal impulses that, at some point, take over from the normal impulse. That's what is killing people. 

That's why they tell us, 'Be careful. Don't do sports.' 'Don't do sports,' because they have realized that whoever does sports is subject to sudden death. And if there are too many cases, people are going to start getting upset. That's why they're telling you, 'Don't play sports. Be still.' Because they're telling you that to mask it. Then, you're going to die at any moment without doing sport. What they don't want is for you to look for the cause. Because if you look for it, you find it. But the thing is... 

Ricardo Delgado: José Luis, endurance sports, such as cycling and marathons, are the ones where there's more cardiovascular activity. 

Dr. Sevillano: The longer you're saturating, that's, activating your heart, the more likely it's that graphene affects you. A marathon runner or athletes such as cyclists remain active for long periods. They ride a bike, or they spend a lot of time running. And the longer they stay active, the more likely they're to generate an arrhythmia. But another person is also going to develop it. Another person who's walking at an average pace down the street. 

Ricardo Delgado: That's what I was going to tell you. For a 70-year-old person, doing sport consists of a morning walk. 

Dr. Sevillano: A morning walk. Exactly. Keep in mind that... To these people, add... To the caloric or electrical activity of their heart when their activity is increased, add the fact that they pass in front of an antenna, for example. What increases even more the... This is a question of energies. Graphene multiplies them. And when you are the one who increases your body temperature by exercise, and you also increase the electrical activity, there are more impulses per second. You're generating more energy capacity in your anatomical structures. And graphene receives all that energy. If you also add an antenna, as it accumulates energy, it releases it. Graphene doesn't keep anything. It picks it up and sends it out. 

Then, as you increase your capacity to generate energy through exercise, and if you also stay close to one of these antennas, the energy will come out somewhere. The problem is that if the energy comes out through the heart, the heart makes arrhythmias. It's prepared not to make them, but if you add a magneto-electric toxin, bye-bye. 

Its entire structure depends on the proper functioning of the conduction tissue that will generate cadential electrical impulses at a specific rhythm with structures that, if one fails, another takes over, and then another. Until, in the end, if none of them works, it is the heart that takes over at 40 impulses per second. But of course, the heart... I mean the mass, the myocardium, the muscle mass. 

But of course, if you add a toxicant... In whatever grouping there's of toxicant in some particular point where it has accumulated more than in another, that's where the impulses are being generated. And that will create the disorder, the disaster: the mortal arrhythmia.

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