La Quinta Columna on accidents near 5G antennas

September 23, 2021

La Quinta Columna continues its investigation related to the accidents and deaths resulting from the electronic excitation of graphene oxide in people's bodies when near 5G antennas. 

Although it may seem like a coincidence, it should not be ruled out that the possibility of more and more deaths near these antennas will increase as time goes by.

Orwell City brings the Spanish duo's comments to English.

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Ricardo Delgado: It says, One dead and two injured when a vehicle leaves the road in Antequera. This is in Malaga. The event has taken place at —and keep this reference for yourselves— kilometer 146 of the A-42. The freeway is the A-42, and the kilometer is 146. The province of Malaga has registered a new traffic accident in which one person has died, and two others have been injured. The accident occurred on Monday afternoon when a vehicle has left the road in Antequera, as reported by the Emergency 112 service in Andalusia. Specifically, the hotline received the call a few minutes before half-past four. Help for the occupants of a vehicle that had left the road at kilometer 146 of the A42 was requested. This is heading towards Granada. 

We have searched just that kilometer of that highway in that direction, and we have made a small video for you to see what is right next to it. I'm going to share it on the Telegram channel of La Quinta Columna and share it with all of this together so that people start to make the natural association. Here's the news, and now let's watch the video.

We wonder, did this have anything to do with it? Well, there you're looking at the kilometer in question. I'm going to back it up a little bit. There's kilometer 146 of the A-42. We have looked for it. And, if we go forward a little bit, right here next to that kilometer where the accident happened, look what we see. Man! It may be a coincidence. But the truth is that... ...we have the Mordor antenna there. As we call it. Let's see, I'll show it again. There you have it, you see? A big antenna. One of those gigantic towers. It'd be yet another case of the COVID-19 environmental theory as we know it. 

Dr. Sevillano: Is that right there where the man had the accident? At that exit? Is that right there? 

Ricardo Delgado: Yes, right there. At kilometer 146, heading in the direction of Granada. And, right there, that's where the antenna is. It's like the case of the cyclist who fell dead at the foot of the telephone repeater. Or like that boy who suffered a heart attack and, fortunately, a girl who was participating in the MLK Trail race too saved his life. In Malaga, near La Coracha, where there's also an antenna. Where they were running. This is to say that all this somehow corroborates the initial suspicions we had. In people who are graphenated, the nanomaterial they carry is excited or triggers the clinical picturenear the sources of electromagnetic radiation since this substance is radio-modulable

Dr. Sevillano: Exactly. And they fall down fried. Syncope, loss of consciousness. Or just drop dead. Messages are already arriving from people who tell you that what they see is that young people are falling, something that wasn't so common before. They're falling this way. Yes, yes. I think we're going to see more and more of these cases as the days go by. But we'll see this more frequently.

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