UV Index Sensors help detect high levels of radiation in the environment

September 07, 2021

A new alternative for those who do not have the resources to get a Geiger counter has been suggested by a follower of La Quinta Columna. Since the theory that the duo of Spanish researchers is pursuing to date is that graphene would be the agent that's multiplying the quality of waves emitted by 5G antennas, then it could well be that such radiation would be measured by a UV index sensor, since UV radiation is close to Cherenkov radiation. That would be entering into the field of ionizing radiation which, by itself, is harmful to living beings in general.

Below, Orwell City shares with its readers and followers Dr. Sevillano's comments on the subject.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Now let's watch a video, José Luis, since we're talking about Cherenkov radiations and referring to that article that proves that graphene has a frequency multiplier effect in 3 wave magnitudes. Let's see where I have it. Here. Just a moment. Let's take a look at this. A subscriber of La Quinta Columna purchased a device to measure within the range of ultraviolet radiation. And was surprised to find out that even in the basement of his house, where there is no impact of any brightness coming from the sunlight —which has a band in the UV radiation spectrum—, the device registers numbers. 

Man: Now. Well, look, I want to comment on one thing. While we're on the subject of Cherenkov radiation, which is in the UV range, one way to check for elevated radiation is with the ultraviolet sensors. This one in particular, as we see here, detects between 350 - 380 nm UV‑B radiation. I think it's type B. Okay, so we're inside the house with the lights off. A little bit of light comes in, but it's not direct. It's bouncing off the wall in front of us. From the wall of a house in front of mine. Some of the light bounces and enters my house. And look what the device is detecting. I'm going to put it on the camera. I press the button. It's detecting a degree of UV radiation at 7. It looks better now. OK. Well, if we go to a darker place...

Ricardo Delgado: There's no sunlight coming in. There shouldn't be. 

Man: Let's measure again. It's detecting a grade 6. So, in complete darkness in a bathroom, I'm detecting a C-type UV grade of 650 µW/cm2. So, the Cherenkov radiation issue fits with that of graphene, so it may be completely valid. For now, I would come to confirm it. For now. This apparatus tests very well with UV radiation lamps. And the thing to note is that in a dark room it shouldn't detect anything because there's no sunlight coming through. And then we have this last video that makes this even more evident. It's this one here. I'm on the stairs to the basement. And here's an emergency light. So, I pick up the detector. There's not supposed to be any sunlight coming in here at all. I'll press the button to measure. It starts measuring. And it shows an index of 6, which is a barbarity. It's like I'm under a UV lamp. I'll measure again. Same thing. Same measurement. 

Ricardo Delgado: Well, as has been said, that's something that shouldn't happen. And this would fit with the Cherenkov radiation issue and with the possibilitythat graphene has been scattered all over the place and is causing the multiplier effect, bringing the radiation into the UV range. 

Dr. Sevillano: Suspension in the air, in the atmosphere. It's there. And the waves, the signals coming from any tower, probably, are multiplying it. So far, this is all very disturbing. But it's encouraging that people are measuring. Because this is being shared over the internet and they become aware of what's going on. That's very important. That spreads the word as it happened with the magnetic arms. And don't forget that each phenomenon we discover here is creating a monster in the eyes of those attacking us

This isn't that we say one stupid thing one day, another day another, and that another day John Doe comes and... No, no. It's that it all fits into the same plan to massacre people

The first phenomenon is the magnetic arms that nobody pays attention to. 'Bah! These people are crazy.' Then we expose graphene, and they start to say that we aren't so crazy. Exposed by a chemistry professor, and they don't know how to attack him. But if you start bringing out videos of ionizing radiation, people say, 'Holy crap, what's going on here?' 

It's all about the same thing. Magnetic arms; magnetic-metallic material; then a guy comes along and tells you there's graphene in the vaccine. And now people are told that ionizing radiation is being emitted. Which is, precisely, what they're sending out. That's to say, this has to stop at some point, right? Because everything fits together and everything is related. 

So, each thing we're discovering isn't doing them slight damage, but increasing it 1,000 times, in the same way, that graphene does with the waves. You multiply it by 3 magnitudes. It's just that every single thing that we discover when you put it together with the previous ones, the effect is devastating. That is, if one does slight damage, another one does damage multiplied by 1,000, and the other one does damage multiplied by 1 million. This damages more as we discover more things. So we have to keep going with this. 

Each new finding we made with this seriousness and gravity, is doing them terrible damage because everything is coherent.

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