La Quinta Columna updates on the final report of the vaccination vial analysis and invites people to protect children

August 13, 2021

A few hours ago, Ricardo Delgado from La Quinta Columna was present on the Twitch channel of the Spanish policeman who obtained the first vial from Pfizer for subsequent analysis, Rafa Navarro (cop225), mainly to warn people about the dangers of vaccinating children, which is so much promoted by the official media.

In the brief live, Ricardo took the opportunity to clarify certain points regarding how the investigation of the components of the vaccination vials has been carried out by Dr. Campra. He updated about the progress of the final report of the analysis, for which more vials had to be obtained.

The world needs to be aware of what is happening and stop the vaccination campaign for children. They cannot defend themselves against this attack by the elite. 

Orwell City provides the moment below.

Link: Rumble

Rafa Navarro (cop225): I have confidence in him because if I didn't, I wouldn't do what I'm doing. And if they tell me: 'Ricardo is part of the controlled dissidence, and he has played you.' Well, when Ricardo...

Ricardo Delgado: Look, Ricardo is such a controlled dissident that he doesn't let anyone control him. No one controls La Quinta Columna. Because everyone here, right now in the chat room, knew perfectly well that if they sent Dr. Prego here to Seville, Ricardo wasn't going to be next to her. That's crystal clear. She pretends to give us the planet Spike speech? When, in fact, her collective supposedly have analyzed vials, and had 10 or 12 of them.

You should know that we have had to get two more vials so that Dr. Campra could reanalyze them and complement the result. Today —a month and a half later—, we're still waiting for the results of the analysis of the vaccine vial. If there's graphene, then they should say it. Because it's, precisely, with graphene and its toxicity, how we can put an end to all this. 

Those who're fighting to put end to the inoculation of children: simply by stating that have found graphene in the vaccine vials too —and taking into account that it doesn't appear in the excipients of the laboratories, or if it appears as secret nanoparticles—, simply with that we can end everything and stop the inoculation campaign immediately. Therefore, since they haven't done it, we understand that those people are on the enemy's side

It's just that I have to make it that clear, in case there are still people who haven't realized yet. Realized how to these groups of collectives that have been set up that were initially 'for the truth,' 90% of the people have naively joined them for a noble cause in vain. 

And I know that there are many doctors for the truth, many doctors 'for the truth' who individually are doing noble work. But when they try to make progress, for example, with vial analysis, they are left in the dust. It'd be troublesome if they end finding graphene. Or if they have found it already, right? That's why we say that La Quinta Columna, right now, is the only one that's willing to put an end to all this. I can't make it any clearer.

Rafa Navarro (cop225): To all the people who are saying that this 14th we all have to go to the streets: you're right. Here you have seen... Let's see, understand that La Quinta Columna really is like a team. It's a duo, but it really is a team. Dr. Sevillano isn't here right now, but there's no more. There's no more, gentlemen. We don't have any more options. 

So all the people who're saying that on the 14th we're all going to the streets: yes, we're all going to the street this 14th. Nothing else matters. Imagine that it's the Spanish national team, that everybody goes out. As if it were Real Madrid and Barcelona. Let's all go to the street, and everyone can go wherever they want, but let's go to the streets, please. To the streets and think about the future! These people are going after the children! 

Have you seen the interviews that have been done this week? Have you heard the comments made by the aunt from the WHO? Holy shit, they're going after them!

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