La Quinta Columna is working on a fillable template with ionizing radiation measurement data for those with Geiger counters

August 16, 2021

After having shown and commented on a new video on the measurement of ionizing radiation in the environment with a Geiger counter, La Quinta Columna has decided to work on a fillable template for all those who want to join the research. 

The goal is to determine a record that is the same for all those in possession of a Geiger counter and thus be able to establish relationships between the electromagnetic pulses recorded and the number of deaths from coronavirus cases.

Individuals from all over the world can join this cause. Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano have already made the call, and they hope that as many people as possible will join to make it even clearer that the waves are intentionally provoked and that the excuse of a virus is being used to camouflage their true origin.

Following are the observations and analysis made by the Spanish duo in a new video that Orwell City brings to English.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's get into the topic of ionizing radiation. This is another new measurement that we have. And we're going to have more because, ideally, we'd have a very representative sample throughout the country. And even from other parts of the world. The more observational data we have or more representative the sample is, the more inferable the results will be. Of course.

Dr. Sevillano: That there are more measurements and over time. So that you can see that the numbers skyrocket when the data on deaths and so on, also skyrocket. That's why it's important to start measuring now. As soon as possible.

Ricardo Delgado: Exactly.

Dr. Sevillano: Because as the epidemic increases creating deaths, you're going to be able to see that the levels have gone up or that they are irradiating more hours per day. Remember that this guy tells us that they irradiate at night, and then during the day they stop, and then again. In other words, it's not constant. But you'll see as this progresses, the levels will go up as the epidemic progresses. 

 It's in our interest to have a... How shall I say? A baseline. To see how that baseline is one before people start dying and how another one corresponds to it. That's to say, the curve of radiation levels is accompanied by a curve of deaths and illnesses due to coronavirus. And that's what we're interested in. That's why we're interested in taking measurements right now, although none of these records should exist. We're also going to see, that it's accompanied by the number of deaths. So we have already identified the virus that kills people.

Ricardo Delgado: Of course. The Delta variant.

Dr. Sevillano: The Delta variant. We've already identified it.

Or the so-called 'sixth wave,' as Dr. César Carballo calls it. We have to establish a protocol on how to make the measurements. How to make a fairly scientific report to take at different times. We're going to do it in a way that people can coordinate well so that we get conclusive results from them. From the observational point of view. Because, as I said, the counter shouldn't register anything, as José Luis says. But if in addition, we establish a cause-effect relationship by hours and, above all, by days; and if we establish a curve that will later correspond to the curve of death and disease, that'll be very significant, won't it? Let's see, precisely, José Luis, the video with the other measurement of ionizing radiation. And here, the person relates them ―in his opinion in his research―, with the phenomenon of the 'irradiating' chemical clouds we're talking about.

Man: It seems that they have already stopped irradiating because the needle does not even move anymore. So. Well, just that. Since the wind has started to blow a lot, I don't know anymore. Either the chemical cloud is completely gone, or they have stopped radiating because it was no longer worth it.

Dr. Sevillano: The idea is that you look to see if it's irradiating, what time it is, and if the pattern is a pulse. Poom, poom!

Ricardo Delgado: Time, day, the measurement, whether there is a pulse or not, and the cloud. That is, the more variables we can establish, the better. It's easy to register that.

Dr. Sevillano: Remember that we're looking for a toxic agent in the environment that multiplies pulses. The cloud factor is important. Pay attention to the clouds, and take a photo or a screenshot of the sky. And at the same time, wherever you are, photograph the sky and the place where you are. And take a newspaper or, I don't know, something that can record the date you see the day and the date. At least, the day.

Ricardo Delgado: We'll make a template. A fillable template. And we'll share it directly for each person to write down and make all their records.

Dr. Sevillano: Have people carry one of these 'cheat sheets', as students call them. You carry a cheat sheet, so you don't forget anything. 'Hell! I forgot to write down the day and...'  You know how the cheat sheets are done. It's 4 or 5 prompts. As uncomplicated as possible, because it's about detecting ionizing radiation. You have to identify them over time. And it's very useful for us to know if in space there is an agent, let's say toxic chemical, that's covering the place where you're recording this. All this is understandable now.

I also understand now why a young man who was a paratrooper in the Murcia area ―a pensioned or retired paratrooper that had left the army― told me, 'Hey! Before the first wave, the sky in this area ―I think in Cartagena and around there―, was unbearable.'

From one day to the next, there were chemtrails, and the same day the wave started. Have you understood? 

Back then, we said: 'What do the waves have to do with the virus...' No, I'm sorry. Not the waves. Hell! What do the clouds have to do with the virus or with the waves? I was like, 'Hey, what does this have to do with waves?' Now we know. All the pieces fit together now. I don't know if we have more. Because even chemtrails are related, which seemed to have nothing to do with this. It seemed like an unrelated thing that we don't pay much attention to. Now we know why. 

We even know now that this is ionizing radiation that matched with what the Canadian article(*) said. Its discovery cost me to be beaten out of 'Doctors for the Truth', precisely, by this person (Dr. Albarracín) who didn't want this to come to light. 'No. This isn't scientific at all. What the antennas emit isn't ionizing.' And I said, 'Well, it may not be ionizing, but this says that the damage is like that done by ionizing radiation. I'll study this. You guys don't stake your reputation. I'll stake mine.' 

(*): The article will be shared in a future post as soon as La Quinta Columna uploads it to its official website. You can find the rest of the articles Dr. Sevillano and Ricardo talk about in the programs on their website. If you need an article in particular, send them a message or use the contact form on their website.  

Wow! I don't think it hasn't even been a year since that, and we've already come up with the answer. Because the antennas aren't ionizing, and yet, the damage you see on the bodies is ionizing radiation. Where's the link? Right between the two. You add the chemical cloud that amplifies the signal and does ionizing radiation damage. 

Have you seen how interesting it is to study ―with an open and scientific mind―, what doesn't make sense to you? Keep looking and, eventually, you find the answer.

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