New measurements reveal that ionizing radiation levels are higher when it rains

August 31, 2021

Thanks to the rainwater analysis carried out by Dr. Cabezas, it was proved that after chemtrail sprayings, the environment ends loaded with graphene oxide and heavy metals that make possible the multiplication of the signals emitted by 5G antennas. This is why Geiger counters are detecting ionizing radiation and the real explanation behind the so-called variants and waves. We're in the middle of a multifactorial attack where the misnamed vaccine in conjunction with the environmental graphene and the radiation emitted by the famous antennas trigger the Acute Radiation Syndrome.

Below, Orwell City brings into English a new video on the subject. It was formerly shared by La Quinta Columna in the radio program Dirección Correcta.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: First, let's play the video of the measurement of ionizing radiation when it rains. It's is much higher than normal, than what we've been measuring. Let's see, I have this video here. Here it goes. 

Well, it has to be said that it's on the r/h scale. The r/h scale is the lowest, and it should have less arc of motion. If you put it on the r/h scale, you would see the needle saturated at the end, on the right. It would be the needle over here. However, on the r/h scale, some considerable pulses are being measured

And this person is trying to establish patterns of when there's more ionizing radiation. He's noticing that when there is rain when those clouds appear, then the radiation is more fulminant. It's playing again. It's hailing. Well, there you can see significant pulses because we're talking about ionizing radiation. 

Man: I've said it before. Rain is health.

Ricardo Delgado: And a significant radiation load. You have to remember that radiation is absorbed. It's absorbed and has a cumulative effect. So, if throughout our life we absorb a certain amount of radiation, even from ultraviolet radiation —probably measured in Gray, in Milisievert—. But if we're receiving that amount, then obviously this will end up with the health of one of the people. Logically. 

And it'll be one of the consequences of the skyrocketing cases of cancer oncology in 2022 as already announced to us. Apart from the fact that there has not been or hasn't been enough early cancer detection because the health crisis hasn't allowed it. Apart from that, if it's being irradiated in that way, then people will get sick with cancer, among other things, of course.

Jorge Osorio (Dirección Correcta): Frightening. Really frightening. Go ahead, doctor.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: I wanted to tell you that you have to consider that the scale on which he was measuring, normally, the needle rarely goes off, hardly. From zero, it moves very little. And there, you have seen how far the impulses go. You can see that when it rains —and he has been measuring pulses in many places—, on that scale, the needle seldom comes off. On the other one —on the mR/h scale—, the needle does stick. It goes to the other side of the scale. Of course, if you move the measurements to a larger scale, then you realize that those pulses aren't so evident on the needle, but they run in quantities that they shouldn't. But when it rains, it starts to make some pulses that reach almost half of the measurement board. In other words, the rain multiplies the signals. The rain multiplies them.

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