Shocking case of neurological COVID caused by graphene in vaccine leaves man in vegetative state

August 20, 2021

As if it were composed of fortune tellers with crystal balls, the globalist media have been announcing for some time that a 'brain tsunami' is coming. This is the so-called neurological COVID.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano and biostatistician Ricardo Delgado have been raising awareness that this brain tsunami is a consequence of violently introducing graphene oxide into the body, as is being done with so-called vaccines. 

Graphene oxide travels from the inoculation point, in the case of injection, to the brain. Or from the respiratory tract to the same destination, passing first through the olfactory nerves. 

When it crosses the blood-brain barrier, graphene oxide begins to wreak havoc at the neural level due to the excitation it undergoes by external electromagnetic fields.

In program 110, Ricardo Delgado referred to Danny Hubbard's case, an elderly man who was inoculated with Pfizer. Danny has presented serious neurological problems that left him in a vegetative state. These damages are mainly caused by graphene oxide.

Below, Orwell City offers the moment with the analysis of the biostatistician and director of La Quinta Columna.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: I want you to watch this video. It's brief but very illustrative. A vaccinated person who took the Pfizer shots, in this case. He already had magnetism in his head, or what's the same: excited graphene oxide nanoparticles that caused neurodegeneration. The famous neurological COVID-19 has left him in a vegetative state. This is the famous brain tsunami. Take a close look. It's shocking.

Well, what you're seeing, is a state of, practically, brain coma. Total vegetative state. It's like a pronounced brutal Alzheimer's, where the person only has just enough knowledge to walk forward, as it's often said from an ironic point of view. This person only has the basic primary instincts such as defecating, eating, sleeping, and little else. This is how this gentleman has become after the inoculation process with Pfizer and, probably, with the exposure to electromagnetic radiation nearby. 

This has happened here in Spain too. In young people, especially, it starts with memory loss. The person doesn't even know his/her name, can't identify himself/herself, can't say how old he/she is, etc. Let's go on.

Well, this is what this person was like a very short time ago, as you can see. There, he is with his grandchildren. Probably, with his family. A person, then, with a normal state of consciousness, right? And this is what he has become. 

Do you understand now why they have approved, quickly, a certain law in March? Just before all this started —and with the communion of the Popular Party, of course, the socialist government here in our country and other political parties—, they approved the law of euthanasia very fast? Now, do you understand it all? They knew perfectly well what was going to be the consequence of what they now call cerebral-neurological COVID. Because the supposed virus of which we never had scientific evidence of its isolation or purification, since it doesn't exist, nobody has it, now targets the brain. What we do know, with scientific evidence, is that graphene oxide is excited in neurons. Which is precisely the point they're looking for easily crossing the blood-brain barrier

When inhaled, it moves through the olfactory nerves, settles in the neurons, and causes neurodegeneration

All these scientific articles are available on La Quinta Columna's official website, where we're collecting all the evidence from the scientific point of view of what graphene oxide can do inside the body. This is one more example of so many thousands that there are and of so many millions that, unfortunately, will be of what they call a brain tsunami. 

Well, that's where the video says it'll continue. You probably, know how this is going to continue as a result of a vegetative state. Maybe his relatives will euthanize him. That's why they have the option, right? These people have thought this through, haven't they? These criminals have it all very well settled. It's the 20/30 agenda. 

They call it agenda 20/30, with its little multicolored badge, where they describe that you, in addition, will have nothing and be happy. You know, because you'll have nothing good. You'll have that, death, disease, destruction, and slavery. That's where we're going if people don't become conscious. That's why, from here, we tell this doctor to hang in there (*). And to all the people who may be listening to us right now, we beg you, please, don't end up like this gentleman. 

'No, it's just that my neighbors have been vaccinated, and nothing has happened to them.' 

This is a long-term thing. The effects are seen over time. 

(*) Ricardo refers to a video about a nurse being aggressively coerced by the hospital director to get vaccinated. It can be found on La Quinta Columna's official Telegram channel.

Don't be like Fauci —better known as Fraudci—, who claims that if it's been more than forty days after children have taken the vaccine —despite the ± 4% reported cases of myocarditis and some sudden deaths in healthy children—, then nothing happens and they can be vaccinated, right? 

Well, as I say, whoever doesn't realize by now what is happening is hopeless.

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