Electronic componet found in AstraZeneca vaccination vial

August 24, 2021

A few hours ago, Chilean Theologian, Philosopher, and Connectivity and Networking Engineer Christopher Montenegro was present on Dirección Correcta. During the program by Radio El Mirador del Gallo, he discussed —among other current contingency topics—, the dangers of electro-frequencies and the nanotechnology found in AstraZeneca vials that are being analyzed in Chile. Graphene oxide isn't the only nanoelement that goes in the vials. A diode has also been found. This very subtle and injectable nanotechnology generates electric fields when a vaccination vial is moved or when in contact with biological tissue. 

Montenegro is in contact with the team that's analyzing the misnamed vaccines. As other researchers have warned, he claims that these so-called vaccines shouldn't even be classified as substances. We're in front of injectable nanotechnology whose objective is neuromodulation.

Orwell City has selected some of the most important moments of the interview with the engineer who became known after denouncing the magnetism that a direct relative expressed after have been inoculated. From that moment on, Montenegro confirmed his suspicions about the transhumanist agenda.

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Christopher Montenegro: There's one thing that's evident in all of this. And it's that this is a transhumanist revolution. Transhumanist

Secondly, to the question of whether it's plausible to talk about transhumanism today concerning the technologies that exist, of course, it is. Just as it was 10 years ago. It already is. 

Third. One of the things that strikes me a lot is that the antennas —so to speak—, that is, the predecessor technologies 2G, 3G, 4G, have been decreasing their working frequency field. So, what happens? You know that as you decrease the working frequency range, your range is smaller. 4G antennas could only be 20 kilometers away. 5G can't be more than one kilometer away. So... And I wonder what's the reason for them wanting to get closer and closer to the frequencies that human beings work on. Because we also work at frequencies. 

Now, 5G doesn't work on the same frequency as humans. 5G not able to 'converse' with human beings yet as long as they don't have something inside, right? As long as there isn't something inside. But there's something inside. Inside. Unfortunately, there's something inside

I cannot, at the moment to show you because this is private. We'll make it public when it's ready, OK? But I could already see —and I can swear on my daughter here and now— an anode-cathode-anode structure, which is a diode, inside a vial of AstraZeneca. A fucking diode! An electronic component. What is an electronic component doing inside of a vial? I'd love to have it explained to me... 

Pablo Salinas: Chris, sorry... Is this related, or is this something like when we talk about LED? LED technology? 

Christopher Montenegro: No, no. We're talking about a conductor that prevents the passage of current in one direction. But I imagine that there must be many other things. I'm not 100% aware of everything. I'm telling you what I, at least, can observe. 

So, what can I think? I can perfectly think —and I'm on the epistemic ground— that there's nanotechnology inside these substances that aren't really substances. They're injectable nanotechnology. They have been designed for that. So, when you achieve that and conductivity within the body, you could approach and talk at the frequency level with wireless technology. Perfectly. Absolutely. 

Jorge Osorio: Chris... 

Christopher Montenegro: I don't know if I can fully answer your question because I would have to... Because what we're missing, as a de rigueur examination, is to open up a subject and do all the examinations and tests, right? To be able to look at that. 

And to blow this up. To blow up, very curiously, all the devices that support NFC technology... 

NFC technology, is a technology that we'll have in debit credit cards and that's used to pay. They're are shortwave transmissions. Shortwave transmissions. And they're shortwave data transmissions. Data transmissions. So you can pay, transfer money. You can do a lot. That's why these cards allow you to do that. With that the person can be identified and stuff... I mean, if you have that inside and people suddenly turn on their phones, and say, 'Wow, I have all these devices nearby, how weird!' It's because that cell phone supports NFC technology

And if you want to talk about shortwave data exchange, it could very well... Look, I don't have this checked. I don't have it demonstrated. It's being discussed with some people. But I've already seen so many things that, it may be plausible. You could, somehow, encapsulate one frequency into another and, perfectly, have it pass through and travel over the internet. 

Pablo Salinas: The vaccine itself contains this... I mean, it emits this, so to speak, electrical effect. 

Christopher Montenegro: Yes, it does. When still, the vaccine... When you leave it alone; that's, if you leave it still, nothing happens. But when it's moved, the electric field appears. I imagine that when it comes into contact with oxygen or when it comes into contact with blood and movement, this may cause the phenomenon, right? 

Moreover. When you study people —we already have seen this in a large number of people—, and you start to illuminate them in these sectors, you see the connections at the level of... What are they called? Capillary vessels. You see current. Electricity

Pablo Salinas: When illuminated with UV light? What's used? 

Christopher Montenegro: Yes.

Pablo Salinas: So, it's UV. 

Christopher Montenegro: Yes, with UV. And in fact, if you bring an electricity meter close to it, one of those meters that you sometimes use for plugs and all that, what they give off is electricity. 

I mean, I know it sounds incredible, right? It can sound pretty incredible. When I saw it... And that's what I invite everyone to do the test, man! To look at the phenomenon. To stop avoiding this fact. 

And if you don't believe me, go to my social network, write me, and I'm going to show you in person. If you, anyone who listens to this program afterward; whether if you are a doctor, a nurse, or whatever, I invite you to come and see it. So that you can see that we're not talking about fiction. I invite you. You're cordially invited to know what they have inoculated you. And what they want to inoculate our children with.

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