Dr. José Luis Sevillano: 'They're putting graphene in the vaccine to make people sick and kill them'

August 19, 2021

The hypotheses surrounding graphene and its role in neurocontrol gain more support as the investigations of La Quinta Columna progress. As far-fetched as they may seem, they're a reality for people like the Spanish neuroscientist Rafael Yuste. Yuste has been promoting the neuro-rights law and has already signed it in Chile, the first country to have such a law.

Although such a future awaits graphenated people, it's also a sure thing that carrying this nanomaterial in the body will cause health complications. Ranging from diseases yet to be known and death, as has already happened to many inoculated to date. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano again calls on the public to realize that the introduction of graphene into biology in all its expression is causing disease and population reduction. After all, this is part of a roadmap planned many years ago by those pushing others to take a vaccine high in graphene and other unknown toxic elements.

Orwell City, again, Dr. Sevillano's and Ricardo Delgado's words on this subject. 

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Dr. Sevillano: 

-'Get vaccinated, and I'll give you a pass'

-'But what's the vaccination for if I keep infecting others?'  

'We don't care. Just get vaccinated. Get vaccinated. We don't care about the rest. If that virus goes, comes, comes back, if you infect, or you get infected... This isn't about whether this is a virus or not. It's about you getting vaccinated.' 

-'But, hey, what's your obsession?' 

And, of course, then you find out that the virus is the vaccine because in it goes graphene. And in graphene, there is death and disease. Now, do you understand the State's obsession with vaccinating? Do you understand now why they don't care whether the virus comes or goes, goes up or down? It's all the same to them. 

'That the vaccine this and that. It's only for the symptoms.' 

It's all the same to them. They just want you to inject graphene into your body. Because graphene makes you sick and kills. Now, do you understand this obsession with vaccines? 

Damn! I don't know how to explain it any clearer. They're putting graphene in the vaccine to make people sick and kill them. Have you heard about it? 

Ricardo Delgado: What happens, José Luis... People cannot understand and believe it. 

'Yes, man,' they tell us, 'How can they want to kill us and make us sick? How can you say that?' 

They cannot understand that, in fact, within the plans of the 20/30 agenda, they want to reduce a large part of the population because these people think that this is unsustainable. Besides, we're going to see some articles so that people start to fit all the pieces. 

Dr. Sevillano: But even if there was no literature at all... If we didn't even know that Jacques Piccard in '72 talked about the population falling by 2/3... Even if there wasn't all that... We have found graphene in the vaccine! That's why we say so. 


"That two-thirds, that's a number that you find in all major natural disasters in animals [...] about two-thirds of the population disappears at the time when there was an excess of population, a population explosion."

—Jacques Piccard, 1972.

Ricardo Delgado: Exactly. 

Dr. Sevillano: And, besides, some people get hammers stuck in their arms. You haven't heard about this, have you? And grease doesn't do that. Don't you understand that it all starts from that point? I mean, it started from other stages, doesn't it? But from that point, everything breaks down. Because the moment we saw that there was graphene and magnetic arms, as we have been repeating for two months now, we said: 'Damn, they are coming for us!' 

This is no longer a suspicion that the antennas are harmful. This is already clear. They're seeing that the arms are magnetic, and they're denying it. 

I say, 'Holy shit, they're coming to kill us! It's no longer an accident or a secondary effect.' 

They say, 'Well, we have introduce this technology there. But sure, just shut up and get on with the plan.' 

No, no, no, no, no, no. The moment we saw that there were magnetic arms and they denied it —and still don't acknowledge since they insist on pressuring people to get vaccinated without any argument—, they were coming to kill us. What do you mean I can't say it? Of course, I can say it. Because it's true. Let's see... if not, explain to me why there's graphene in vaccines. We have already analyzed it, and it's there. Explain to me why they put something in the body that leaves the magnetic arm, that has toxicity, and that they refuse to recognize it if it's not to make you sick and kill you. Let's see, explain to me, give me another answer to this. 

Ricardo Delgado: There isn't any. Clearly. There isn't. 

Dr. Sevillano: Even if it hurts to admit it. I mean, it's the truth. It's as simple as that. And not only have they put it in the vaccine, but we're also seeing that it's probably in foods that have magnetic properties. As well, medicines and food supplements. And, in addition, they're fumigating it through chemtrails to make ionizing radiations that continue to sicken and kill people

We haven't even mentioned that today, Ricardo. Notice that we have said that we would try to review everything during the programs so that people don't lose sight of the whole picture. So that they realize that this isn't the bullshit of a bunch of crazy people who talk in a bar while drinking a brandy Osborne 103. 

Do you understand? We're talking about things that make sense from the beginning to the end. It all starts a year and a bit ago with someone noticing that people are dying around antennas. Or getting sicker from those far away from them. 

Then, there's someone who says, 'My patient has a magnetized arm at the point of inoculation.' Au revoir. I mean, au revoir. The antennas issue in 2020 was completely forgotten. 

'That's a thing of some assholes who have gone crazy. They're not in their right mind,' as some people around here say. And now that we're seeing magnetic arms, what's going on? No, what could it be? Could it be true? Hell, it is! There are tens of thousands of videos all over the internet

And then, well, 'Let's analyze a vaccine to see if there's something.' They almost killed us for doing that. I mean, almost. And for analyzing a vaccine. And hell, there was graphene in the vaccine! That's the only material that could become magnetic inside your body

And then, shit! We realized that they're irradiating us with something ionizing. How do they do that? Well, graphene multiplies the signals, folks. And if not graphene, it could be heavy metals. But the wave signal out there —which doesn't have to be very energetic—, is being multiplied through chemical clouds. Then we all remember the darn airplanes that go on and on before there are waves. 

Have you seen the whole path of all this? And this is to disregard it and to despise it? This is so beautiful... This discovery that we have made here, step-by-step, thanks to the collaboration of the people through the internet. 

Don't you realize that this is heroic? This is a species trying to save the skin and some individuals who're trying to alert others to save theirs. Through the only means they have. Because their enemies are their peers and those living next door who don't want to listen to them. Some because they are paid and have other interests. Others because they consider that what they say is too crazy. But, heroically, as history has never repeated itself, they insist on communicating to their peers, their fellow beings, that they want to assassinate us all. Two-thirds of us, as Jacques Piccard told us. 

This fits perfectly with the figures on the Georgia guidestones. It coincides with Piccard's plans in '72, with what Ricardo tells us about the 20/30 agenda. They're the ones saying it! What is it that you don't understand? They're telling us and doing it to us, dammit! If we don't act, we deserve extermination.

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