Graphene oxide and unknown moving elements found in Chiromas vaccination vial

August 30, 2021


La Quinta Columna doesn't rest a bit when it comes to analyzing vials. As Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano had previously announced, they managed to obtain a Chiromas antiflu vaccination vial. This is the same vaccine used to inoculate the elderly in nursing homes. 

The new analysis confirms, once again, that graphene oxide along with other unknown electronic components and moving elements is creating the so-called waves, together with the radiation emitted by 5G antennas.

The SARS-CoV-2 hoax is crumbling more and more every day. Especially, when already in other parts of the world, vaccine vials are being analyzed as well. And not only vials but the blood of inoculated people are also bringing unpleasant surprises.

The most intriguing question now is what are the moving elements. La Quinta Columna has focused on graphene oxide and will continue to focus on it and all the phenomena around it. However, they're asking for help from other collectives to investigate what are these elements cause so much curiosity. After all, neither graphene oxide, nor nanoprocessors, nor electronic components, nor weird things that move should be in a vaccine.

Orwell City has selected the moment when La Quinta Columna has commented on the optical microscopy approach to the Chiromas vial and brought it into English.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: We're going to see the analysis of the vaccine now. This is the first optical approximation —and more will be done— of the Chiromas flu vaccine. Which, as a reminder,— is the one that's especially recommended for people over 65 years of age in nursing homes. It's the vaccine that's most frequently administered in nursing homes. 

 For those over 70 years of age, Fluzone is usually given. Fluzone contains, instead of polysorbate 80 —which was the adjuvant that served as a carrier of the graphene oxide, as we saw in the article of the day before yesterday— Triton X-100. It's the other adjuvant that Fluzone carries, and that, probably, we'll find in time that graphene oxide also goes with that adjuvant. 

Well, let's take a look at the video. This is a video with a series of photographs. 

Text: Optical microscopy analysis on Chiromas vaccine. Graphene detection. 

Ricardo Delgado: This is the sealed vaccine vial. 

Vaccine: Chiromas

Type: flu vaccine

Lot: 5417B1A

Expiration Date: 06/2021

We even give out the QR code. We're going to show it so you guys can access it, through some app, and you can see what lot it belongs to and everything else, okay? There you have the code. 

Ricardo Delgado: In fact, if you enlarge that code —excuse me for interrupting—... If you zoom in and use your cell phone, probably, all the vaccine information will show up. Since some people talk so much about traceability, well, there it is

 → Scanned code: 3073402 (you can verify it with your cellphone or on this website).

Here, this symbol has caught my attention. Do you see it? (❄ → ⬡, negative priming).

The hexagon had to appear. It looks like the symbol for ice, but let's remember that these flu vaccines didn't have the cold chain that the others had. Well, these are the first folds that appear. Remember that graphene has the characteristic that it appears as if it were at the bottom of a pool. As if it were a kleenex with folds at the bottom of a pool. And it also has another characteristic, and that is that the edges fold on themselves. OK? 

That's the same image, but seen playing a little bit with the microscope condenser. 

Well, and before we go with this video we have to comment, too, that there's one very important thing to make very clear: none of these materials would have to be the vaccine. It's a flu vaccine, but any of them should be clean. There shouldn't be those folds or those tissues in the middle, regardless of whether you think it's graphene or not

We have graphene very well characterized from the optical point of view. In fact, you can look up images of graphene on Google. Then we'll show you a sample under the optical microscope and you will see that it looks just like that. Also, when we have asked experts who work with this nanomaterial, they also tell us that, without a doubt, it is graphene. You can do, as Dr. Campra did, ultraviolet spectroscopy, all the analysis you want. You can do transmission scanning electron microscopy. Whatever you want, but that's graphene, OK? And anyway, whether it was or wasn't, there shouldn't be anything there. 

Now let's look at an animated video of what you see in the vaccine directly. You'll see a series of movements in the external area, as well, and we'll comment on that later. 

Text: You're being intoxicated. 

Ricardo Delgado: Well, we'll take many more pictures of this vaccine.

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