Aqueous solutions containing graphene oxide for medical purposes have been causing magnetism in non-inoculated individuals

August 01, 2021

Following the discovery of a number of patents for the use of graphene oxide in different areas, it has been discovered that Chinese online stores such as AliExpress sell it in different formats (powders, aqueous solutions, sheets, among others). Many of these products are indicated for medical use, which explains why many people who have not been inoculated or used masks express the magnetic phenomenon.

During Friday night's Dirección Correcta radio show, La Quinta Columna shared some of the research it has been conducting on Info Vacunas Telegram channel.

Below, Orwell City has prepared the video in English and its respective transcript.

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Ricardo Delgado: This video that I'm going to show now is a great piece of research done by Dani from the Info Vacunas Telegram channel

In this research, he talks about the aqueous bases with graphene oxide. Marketed for medical treatments nowadays. Just see how we demonstrate everything we say. I'm going to show it to you. 

Well, there you have it. You read that right, didn't you? Powder. I'm going to play it again for a moment. Magnetic graphene oxide powder. An aqueous solution with magnetic graphene oxide nanoparticles. Because the graphene oxide inside the body, in addition, transforms and becomes magnetic. This is the reason why people express magnetic properties. It's not that the person has greasy skin, as they would have you believe that it is sweat. 

Man! But some people have hung a pan and a 2 kg hammer. How? For real... They give such absurd explanations that you have to start thinking for yourselves. Don't believe these people who appear surrounded by microscopes and gowns and are paid to lie compulsively. Let's continue.

Used as a liquid base in the manufacture of medical products. At least, here in Spain since 2012, but invasively since 2019 in the anti-flu campaign. That's how they introduced this nanomaterial in nursing homes. They vaccinated everyone with the flu vaccine and caused COVID-19 with the subsequent electromagnetic irradiation ―when they turned on the 5G antennas―, causing clinical pictures where 80 to 90 people died in one night. 

See? It was by the intoxication of graphene oxide converted to reduced graphene oxide. They used this pretext, they said: 'Well, we tell everybody that there is a biological agent, a virus, and we call it SARS-COV-2 that never existed ―it never existed―. And, on top of that, we take and inoculate the entire world population with the same substance with graphene oxide'. With what you're seeing here on the screen. An aqueous solution with graphene oxide nanoparticles. The same ones that Dr. Campra found in the preliminary analysis of the vial. The same ones Dr. Cabezas found in the rain. They're in Pfizer, Vaxigrip, AstraZeneca, and in Moderna vaccines. Researchers also found them in the latter. Let's continue. 

It says: 'Check with your supplier if this product is for VIRUS PROTECTION purposes and if the coronavirus (COVID-19)...' 

 So it says it very clearly. Magnetic graphene oxide. MAG-NET-IC

Loaded with magnetic nanoparticles and, here, in addition, they write ferric oxide in it, I think. Magnetic responsiveness. Look how important that is. Magnetic responsiveness inside the body. That's right. So, don't let people deceive you anymore through the official media and TV by telling you that this is a hoax. When there are millions of people in all parts of the world who express magnetism after inoculation. 

This explains why other people express magnetism without have been inoculated now. They may have got jabbed during the 2019/2020 anti-flu campaign, or they may have worn masks for a long time, or because of certain medical treatments, or even because of the rain. 

Jorge Osorio (Dirección Correcta): Or chemtrails

Ricardo Delgado: Of course, of course. You can find this thing is everywhere. It's even in the water. Now, we're going to see how they want to introduce graphene for weight loss and cosmetic treatments, etc. This is unbelievable. 

Can you see all the products out there? Most of them come from China. But... But look at how magnetic graphene oxide for dilution in aqueous solutions is used in physiological saline

There are people, Jorge and Pablo, who have been... Well, due to certain circumstances, have had a minor mishap and have been admitted ―even for one night―, to the hospital and are discharged the next day. But you know that when you are in bed, the first thing they give you is an IV. They open an IV and put the saline in. Well, after that, they came back home, and they had magnetic phenomena. Now we found the explanation. Graphene oxide has been used in saline and saline salts in general. There are patents

I'll play it, let's see... Now. 

Water-based. You know that they want to use graphene, graphene oxide, for water purification now. Claiming, lying, and telling the population that it has antibacterial properties. What's more. Now we're going to see a study on how they're going to use the disease-causing agent. They're going to use it on devices. Graphene oxide nanoparticles to detect, supposedly, SARS-CoV-2 which, as I say once again, doesn't exist. Imagine how far the lie goes. 

It's important what it says there. High conductivity graphene. Remember that graphene is a superconductor. And it makes the vaccinated persons not only magnetics but also superconducting. Apart from the fact that it is an energetic capacitor, it works like a capacitor. As if it were an energy store. That'is why up to 0.2 V (200,000 mV) can be measured on the forehead. 

So, from where I am... What I want to say is that the research work by Info Vacunas Telegram channel is fantastic. Knowing and pointing out, once again, what La Quinta Columna initially said. That is, they're marketing this type of product. Aqueous solutions. You've seen them. Graphene oxide aqueous solutions. You can find the websites by searching on Google. They're marketing them... Good evening, José Luis. 

Jorge Osorio (Dirección Correcta): Good evening. How're you, doctor? How're you? Welcome, Dr. José Luis Sevillano. 

Pablo Salinas (Dirección Correcta): Very good evening. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Good evening to you. 

Ricardo Delgado: And yet, we... And yet, we have Mr. Almendral and all the fact-checkers that deny the evidence. They deny the existence of graphene oxide and its application in various medical treatments.

Video by InfoVacunas:

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