Find out how Dr. José Luis Sevillano and Bartomeu Payeras postulated the COVID-19 Environmental Theory

August 26, 2021

Dr. José Luis Sevillano and biologist Bartomeu Payeras always found it strange that COVID was present all over the world simultaneously, but only in those areas where 5G antennas are located

Together, they postulated the environmental theory of COVID-19, which has become better known recently as all the evidence that comes to light supports it, since it relates the presence of electrofrequencies with the number of sick people in certain areas. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano tells, in the following excerpt selected by Orwell City, how he and Payeras got to know each other and postulated the theory that explains the fashionable disease.

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Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Between Bartomeu Payeras and me, we established the Environmental Theory of COVID. I mean, people don't know this, but Bartomeu Payeras, through a channel... I remember it was on José Miguel Alvarado's channel, Apellido Obligatorio. 

I was desperate because I was looking for someone to listen to me. At that time, I wanted to join and report this to the people from Doctors for the Truth. To Dr. Albarracín, for example. And when I did, I gave them the information, and they never listened to me

Then, I desperately looked for one of those sites where I saw people commenting on things, and I entered the chat to.... Look where Sevillano comes from. Nobody paid attention to me. And in a chat one day, José Miguel Alvarado, realized that I was disputing there with several of those assholes who say that those of us who talk about antennas are crazy. And he said to me: 'Hey! If you're interested, I'll interview you.' But in that same chat, Bartomeu Payeras saw me and contacted me. Precisely, in the video of the interview that José Miguel Alvarado conducted. 

And that's when he saw that I exposed the subject of the antennas and so on. Then he said: 'What you are saying fits with what I have been observing: the frontier effect.' 

And in the end, we concluded that he, at a macroscopic level, had realized where people were getting sick. And I, at a microscopic level —of village-county geography—, realized where people were getting sick. 

One night, between the two of us here —precisely in this room—, we were discussing on the phone and baptized this as 'the theory of the fire that had been paid for.' Here, in this room, discussing with him, we gave a name to this way of looking at the disease. 

You see, is this science or not? While everybody is covering up information and doing things on the sly to kill people, the people from lower levels in the scale, lower: a village doctor, and a retired man, observing the reality, discovered things. Look how complicated the situation is that we both have put an environmental theory at the service of humanity to defend itself against its enemies.

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