Bartomeu Payeras on software that manages the times at which 5G antennas will emit radiation

August 29, 2021

We already know that 5G antennas are a weapon being used for depopulation and neuromodulation purposes right now. However, certain details of these antennas are unknown, such as the mysterious software that allows controlling the times when they will emit radiation, which sectors will radiate, and with what power.

In this regard, La Quinta Columna shared a video of microbiologist Bartomeu Payeras —the same microbiologis who, together with Dr. José Luis Sevillano, postulated the COVID-19 Environmental Theory— in which he narrates how a confidential source revealed to him details of the programming of these antennas that are causing the so-called "waves" in conjunction with graphene oxide.

Orwell City brings, once again, a new video for its readers.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: This is a very good intervention of our microbiologist friend Bartomeu Payares Cifre. I think it was in Sitges, recently, in June. He received confidential information, in quotation marks, from someone high up in telecommunications. And, here, he tells us what happened. Pay attention. Well, here comes the video. 

Bartomeu Payeras: Well, they have to regulate, and they have to know when it has to start up, at what temperature it has to start up and at what time it has to end, etc. 

So, this whole pandemic is designed with these three concepts: the booster, the trigger, and the thermostat

So, to talk about the thermostat, I can use the picture you saw earlier of the antennas. On the antennas, I won't say right now who was the one who told me because everything I have explained so far can be demonstrated with images and numbers. 

I cannot reveal the source of what I'm going to tell you now. Because I had the good fortune or privilege of contacting a senior manager of a large telecommunications company who decided to give me this information. He answered several questions I asked him and gave me the following information. 

And this is that, once operators have finished mounting the antennas on a tower, then another team comes from they don't know where nor their background. But they know that they install software on the antennas and that this software is connected to the base antenna and to the control center. And this software can... No... does. It programs the transmitting power of the antennas At what time or what hours, for how many days, and in what geographic locations it's convenient for them to operate. It's all 5G software

To me, this is scary because when they put the chicken back in the oven, they know at what temperature put it. And how in this neighborhood, in that town, in this city in this state, this country... They can control the trigger with the thermostat effect.

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