Unofficial translation of the Official Interim Report of the Vaccination vial Analysis

July 01, 2021

La Quinta Columna shared an unofficial translation of the official interim report of the vaccination vial analysis that has gone viral on the web in just a matter of hours.

There will be an official translation soon, but as Ricardo Delgado, Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the team they're working with are in a hurry, they need to spread the results of the vial analysis to the entire world and scientific communities as soon as possible. They need more people joining them analyzing more vials to stop the genocide the elite is carrying out.

Download this pdf and share it with your contacts. Don't be afraid of translating it to your language and send it directly to La Quinta Columna. You can reach them via e-mail. Don't forget to add the word 'URGENT' (yes, in capital letters, that's really important) so Ricardo or Dr. Sevillano click your message as soon as possible. They are waiting for people to help them translating the document to other languages aside from English. 

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