Potentially false patent on the use of graphene oxide as a carrier in vaccines appears a few hours ago

July 11, 2021

(News in progress). Less than 24 hours ago, a questionable patent appeared on the use of graphene oxide as a carrier in vaccines.

It is quite curious that the patent has appeared now when several analyses of vaccination vials are being carried out around the world showing the presence of graphene oxide and other strange nanomaterials in them. So far, we know that Pfizer and AstraZeneca's vials contain this dangerous nanomaterial.

This is the downloadable document from the Google Patents site:

Source: Google Patents

Of course, we have already been told by dissident researchers that the elite wants to normalize the use of graphene in vaccines by presenting it as something positive when the reality is different: the toxicity of graphene oxide has been studied and demonstrated

Whoever is behind this macabre mass vaccination operation that seeks to poison us with graphene is doing damage control through false patents. We are talking about the same as in George Orwell's 1984, where information was invented and erased at the convenience of totalitarian entities.

Orwell City will share more information about this alarming event during the next few hours, when more information has come to light.

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