La Quinta Columna talks about the Photoluminescence Properties of Graphene

July 05, 2021

La Quinta Columna has recently paid attention to a particular phenomenon that some people are beginning to denounce. It is photoluminescence in the inoculation zone, visible when illuminating the area with ultraviolet light. And this photoluminescence would not only be restricted to the area where the person was injected but could be detected in other parts of the body.

Orwell City has selected the precise fragment of program 73 in which the Spanish researchers cover the topic, and has translated it into English in all its formats, as usual.

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Ricardo Delgado: There is now another topic. There are some videos that are slowly appearing, and we are going to show you one of them now, of people who after have been inoculated take a flashlight like this one, which we bought in a moment. This is an ultraviolet radiation lamp. If I put it here, I almost disappear, eh? It's like an invisibility effect. Well, this is the lamp. There are people, I'm going to show you a video, who have done the experiment after inoculation, and it seems that graphene has photoluminescent properties.

We are also going to see an very interesting article and we are also going to ask for your help to investigate. We are not confirming anything here, but to be able to investigate if people after the inoculation, if they put themselves in a dark area and are illuminated with ultraviolet radiation, they glow. These flashlights are very cheap, from 10€ to 30€, because if they really show something abnormal in the area as it happens to the man in this video that I'm going to share now. 

Source: TikTok

Ricardo Delgado: The man is pissed off, he is asking for explanations: 'What is this?' But notice that it happens in the inoculation area and also in the inked zone, in the tattoo, which we knew could happen. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Exactly! We knew that. He was not the ideal man to do it because he is tattooed up to his neck, but come on, it is a very good idea. Because, maybe, that way we can have a greater certainty of who has the nanomaterial in their body and who doesn't without doing any analysis. You just light the area with that UV flashlight, take a look: 'This one yes, this one no, this one yes, this one no...' 

If it doesn't glow, then there would be no need of blood analysis or waiting for thrombi in that person because what that person was injected with a placebo. Or maybe we will be surprised to find out that everybody glows. It would be a very easy way to detect who is has graphene and who doesn't or if everyone has it in their bodies. It is a very good idea. Please, send us videos, take a look if you are curious. Not everyone is going to do it, but some will send them to us, and let's see if them will help us to see if we can have a way to identify the people who really have graphene in their bodies. 

Let's see if it comes out in the final report first, which I am impatient to know exactly the results in detail. If confirmed, we will be relieved because even if others say that what we found is traceability or whatever.... No, friends. As long as there is graphene, you can analyse everyone's blood and that's it. The traceability issue is over. We know which vaccine they are vaccinated with, the lot number, and all you have to do is analyze the blood and you'll find exactly the same we've found in the vial. If we manage to detect graphene, the controversy is over and there is no more controversy. There is no more. 

Ricardo Delgado: And they will all go to jail, or should go. 

Speaking of the possible effect, of the property, that graphene has, I did not know this, it has a photoluminescent property. Let's take a look at the article, which is not wasted, I will zoom it. Here it is, and it says: 'Photoluminescence Properties of Graphene versus Other Carbon Nanomaterials'. 

Ricardo Delgado: And look at this, quoted in publications are: Yuanqing Xu, Jinquan Chang, Cheng Liang, Xinyu Sui.... They are all Chinese. I was struck by the fact that practically all of them are Chinese: Sushu Wan, Xiaoyong Deng, Yuxi Tian. Spectroscopic Study of Ensemble and Individual Graphene Quantum Dots. 2020, 2020, 2020. Almost all the studies are from 2020 I see. And all of them were carried out by Chinese. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: People who are investigating the vials under the optical microscope, also do so under ultraviolet light to see if there is a change in the background because of this. Comparing the blood of people who are inoculated, since not only can you see what goes into the vials, but also in the blood they might see some kind of change too. 

When amplified we know they're nanoparticles. But we were disproved at the time by people who know dark field microscopy. We were told that no, that was not true, but nevertheless, maybe the background changes. You don't see the particles, but there is a different background between someone who is inoculated and someone who is inoculated. It's a property that we can exploit as a further test.

This test can help us at some point to know if placebo vaccines really exist. All this would be useful for us to be able to identify the vials, but nothing more. I don't see any other application. I mean, if there was a placebo, we would know it that way. If there are people who try this out and see that they glow, but if there is also a group that doesn't glow in the area, then we know it's placebo. 

As an example, right? It would be a way of saying that we could find placebos in this way. Well, this might be an interesting new clue, in case we couldn't stop the inoculations at all or we couldn't get an idea of how many people are being inoculated with placebo and how many are not. And without doing blood tests or anything, but simply illuminating the point of inoculation with ultraviolet light, which does not require the blood to be tested

Let's see if we get to know if what happens to the man in the video we saw is true or not. It would be a very useful way to identify when we want to know if a person has really been inoculated with graphene or not.

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