La Quinta Columna on the magnetocaloric effect in reduced graphene oxide

July 19, 2021

It's a fact that many vaccinated people express pseudo-magnetism after being inoculated, but there are also cases of people who haven't taken the shot and that express pseudo-magnetic properties. The reasons behind this are varied. From the use of masks with graphene, PCR tests, and exposure to graphene in some way that hasn't yet been determined yet.

There are other curious cases, such as those people who express pseudo-magnetism only under certain temperature-dependent conditions.

La Quinta Columna explains in the following video that Orwell City has brought to you in English the magnetocaloric effect in graphene oxide.

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Ricardo Delgado: We're going to play an excerpt from a video of a professor and doctor at a university in which he talks about the hyperthermia technique. Do you recall, José Luis? The technique was about how to excite magnetic nanoparticles. You know which ones. Nanoparticles can be introduced inside the organism through inoculation with what they misnamed vaccine. And how do they do it? Well, with electromagnetic fields. Let's take a look at it.

Professor: The research that we have been doing in our institute for years is that of hyperthermia. Hyperthermia consists of using magnetic nanoparticles to put them inside the cells and then irradiate them with an electromagnetic field to produce apoptosis. In other words, the bad cells commit suicide.

Ricardo Delgado: It's very clear. In this case, these people would use this technique as a treatment, if I'm not mistaken, against cancer. But obviously, those magnetic nanoparticles are, for example, graphene oxide nanoparticles, which have magnetic properties, as you well know. 

Just like you have been seeing in hundreds of thousands of people who have this magnetic property after inoculation. And through other routes of introduction too. When excited, as you have heard, through an electromagnetic field, they generate the phenomenon of apoptosis or cell suicide. That is to say: they're going to kill a large number of cells en masse. Then at the tissue and tissue level, and they will drag all the clinical pictures they want.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Something important here is the so-called "magnetocaloric effect" of these graphene oxide particles. An effect that some people who are used to working with it have already told me about, and which consists in the fact that you are not magnetic at a certain temperature and you are magnetic with heat

This also makes us think about the places where graphene oxide 'goes crazy' and does a lot of damage to the body. If we do an infrared scan to see what the human body temperature is, we're going to realize that it'll be higher in three specific places: the abdomen, the chest, and the head. That's to say, in the thorax, the trunk, and the head are the zones where the temperature is higher. This could well explain why, without 5G antennas being turned on yet, many people haven't tolerated the graphene that's located in the aforementioned areas. 

Graphene may have been stimulated before the antennas subjected it to electro-frequency excitation. And that's what I was getting at concerning this doctor.

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