La Quinta Columna comments on the mysterious patent that attempts to normalize the use of graphene oxide as a carrier in vaccines

July 12, 2021

In program nº79, La Quinta Columna addressed the questionable patent that appeared in Google Patents on the use of graphene oxide as a carrier in vaccines.

Although the relevant inquiries are still underway, everything seems to point out that the patent was published a few days ago. Its appearance may be a product of the pressure that the Spanish researchers have put on the elite after had released an official interim report evidencing the presence of graphene oxide nanoparticles in a Pfizer vaccination vial.

Orwell City has selected key excerpts from the program and translated them into English.

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Ricardo Delgado: Something happened yesterday, José Luis. It is a patent-related issue. It turns out that we have found that there is a patent where they use graphene oxide as a carrier for supposedly anti-COVID vaccines. Patented by a Chinese team, and it's a 2019 publication. But when we check Google cache, which is this tool that the elite also use, we find out that the publication was made last night. 

That is, on the one hand, they publish this patent as if they wanted to standardize graphene oxide and tell you: 'No, graphene oxide is used as a carrier in anti-COVID vaccines and there is a patent'. 

But I do not know what is more serious: If the fact that they tell us that there is no graphene oxide in the vaccines when there is a preliminary reportby a professor of a public university in Almeria describing that they do have graphene oxide —I do not know if that is more serious— or that later they themselves publish, using the Google tool, a patent to give credibility to the standardization of graphene oxide, and that they did it last night. 

Let's take a look at it. It says: 'Nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking graphene oxide as carrier.' 

Source: Google Patents

Well, here you can download the document in Chinese which says it is from 2020. It can be translated with Google translator. You can download the PDF. The patent is CN11222020919A. The abstract says:

'The invention belongs to the field of nano materials and biomedicine, and relates to a vaccine, in particular to development of 2019-nCoV coronavirus nuclear recombinant nano vaccine. The invention also comprises a preparation method of the vaccine and application of the vaccine in animal experiments. Well, but animal experiments have been skipped and they experimented directly on people. 'The new corona vaccine contains graphene oxide, carnosine, CpG and new corona virus RBD; binding carnosine, CpG and neocoronavirus RBD on the backbone of graphene oxide; the CpG coding sequence is shown as SEQ ID NO 1; the novel coronavirus RBD refers to a novel coronavirus protein receptor binding region which can generate a high-titer specific antibody aiming at the RBD —which we don't know what it is— in a mouse body, and provides a strong support for prevention and treatment of the novel coronavirus.' 

So it's sad, because if they have a patent, how the hell are fact checkers like Newtral, Ana Pastor, Maldita saying: 'No, vaccines don't have graphene oxide in them,' if now it turns out that we have the 2020 patent? 

'Application filed by Shanghai National Engineering Research Center for Nanotechnology Co. Ltd.' And patent priority on September 27, 2020 and publication was on January 15, 2021. But this is not true, because what we see when we check the cache log to see when the publication was made in Google differs from what it says, because the log remains in the cache. And this is what we get. 

That is, typing directly in Google the 'inurl' web address of the patent, we see that it was published yesterday 13 hours ago. Now it will be about 18 or 19. Here you have it, patent CN112220219A. 

So, on the one hand, we could say, 'Well, we've shut fact checkers' mouths like Maldita's, Newtral's, and of many others with this.' But of course, this patent probably doesn't really exist, but it is an invention that they publish so that now Maldita and Newtral can say: 'No, there is no patent that says that vaccines have graphene oxide, but nevertheless it is published in Google'. 

These are the tools and this is the foul play with which these people treat the population, OK? 'They're trying to trick us all with the fake patent on graphene oxide in vaccines so that we think it's normal'. 


Ricardo Delgado: Okay. This news was published today. 

Source: El Diestro

'For a few hours we believed that there really was a patent for the use of graphene in vaccines, but it seems that this information that appeared on the Google Patents platform is false. Thanks to a reader and friend of El Diestro to whom we are grateful for the information, we have located that the mentioned Google entry was created sixteen hours ago at the time of writing this article.' 

Well, here you see it to you, don't you? I mean, this is recent. Somebody has made this publication of a patent saying that graphene oxide is used in vaccines. And we're talking about Google, which is this supposedly 'unbiased' tool, and it says that graphene oxide is used in COVID vaccines. Why do they do this? Well, so that we can grasp at straws and say, 'See, the patent already exists.' And then the newtrollers, Mrs. Ana Pastor, and all her troop of liars come out and say: 'No, no, there is no patent'. 

Here it also says: 'The questions would now be why and who has taken the trouble to add that link that suddenly we have all located at once last night. We don't know who it was, of course, but the reason behind would make sense: for an approved patent to appear for the use of graphene in vaccines would establish a normality like that and people might consider it logical to use graphene because there is a patent for its use.' 


'The fact that an attempt has been made to alter the information of this kind all of a sudden on that Google platform indicates that the research being done by La Quinta Columna is on the right track. Ana Pastor you no longer need to verify, since we have done it ourselves.' 

Okay. And here ends the news. I will copy the link and I am going to share it in the La Quinta Columna's Telegram channel, which by the way there are more than 114.000 people subscribed to the channel already. Go ahead, José Luis. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: I want to say that this is very good news because, basically, they are trying to normalize the fact that there is graphene in the vaccine. It means that these people are losing that battle. They are losing that battle. They know that the information is already circulating in all the countries... Yesterday we saw that this is being discussed in Malaysia, in Japan, in Holland, in Bulgaria.... In short, everywhere they already know about graphene and that they cannot stop it

These people already know that they are exposed to the fact that at any moment —and notice this—, from the moment this information became universal, they are exposed to the fact that at any moment, any institution, any laboratory, any person publishes a definitive report like ours or similar or even more complete, saying: 'Vaccines contain graphene'. 

They're already exposed, so what are they doing? They've already lost this battle. just like the magnetic arm battle, because people already know about it and it's running all over the place. We're winning.

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