BREAKING: Graphene Oxide has been found in AstraZeneca vaccination vial (Exclusive Photo)

July 06, 2021

A few moments ago, La Quinta Columna shared an exclusive photo for the Chilean program Dirección Correcta, from Radio El Mirador del Gallo

The photo corresponds to the analysis of an AstraZeneca vaccination vial. This analysis is being carried out by another researcher from another university in Spain.

It's not only Pfizer. As they have been saying, it's a fact that there's graphene oxide in every vaccination vial no matter the lab they come from.

La Quinta Columna will reveal more details as the days go by, probably in its next programs on Twitch (usually at 22:30 hr in Spain, GMT+01:00).

Orwell City has rushed to bring this important information into English and in written and video format so that all visitors interested in this shocking discovery can learn as soon as possible about the enormous advances that the Spanish researchers and their collaborators are carrying out.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Yeah, okay. I have it over here. I'm going to show you a photo obtained through the optical microscope, a microscope that's accessible to anyone. Any researcher has a good optical microscope and can see this. This, for example, is the image that our researcher has obtained, can you see it? We always say: it is as if it were a Kleenex tissue. Does it look well? I'm seeing that it does. 

Ricardo Delgado: What changes from one microscope to another can be the light because they use a condenser and depending on the angle that the light forms with it, it can give it a little bit of relief, it can be seen in a lighter color. You can use a light field, a dark field, etcetera. But you see the shape is practically, as we always say, a simile as if it were a kleenex tissue or a handkerchief stuck to the bottom of a pool, right? With certain folds and, above all, a characteristic feature is that the edges tend to fold in on themselves. 

This is a typical characteristic of graphene, of graphene oxide. So, if we see that in a vial with a good optical microscope, that's more than enough to suspect, right? 

Under the electron microscope you can see even more detail and even more things. This is one of the photographs of the analysis of the preliminary report of the vial, and now I'm going to show you an exclusive one. Let's take a look at this one now. 

This one was captured by another researcher and it's from another vaccine: from AstraZeneca.

Ricardo Delgado: It also has a different light field, but you can see that it is the characteristic shape of graphene. Here there is a fold that is bending, but it is not exactly the same as in the other one because the other one is a light field and this one is a little bit darker or semi-dark field. But the moment you see these types of sheets, they are the characteristics of graphene oxide. And they share quite well with the scientific literature from what you can get from googling. 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Let it be clear, Ricardo, that this must not be a vaccine. I don't know if I make myself clear, eh? I mean, you can't inject anyone with something like that. That is crap that was put in the vaccine and a vaccine must be clean

There is a material that you cannot see anything under the optical microscope: no mRNA, proteins, virus, whatever you want. For that you have to use electron microscopes, to reach that depth of discrimination. In other words, you don't see anything under an optical microscope. Maybe you can see something like a dot, maybe some dirt, but you don't see anything like that. When you see these things under the optical microscope, it is because something has been added to it that is not normal, it is something manipulated, that is to say that something has been added there

Therefore, those vials that are no longer Ricardo's, show you the same pattern with some of the same crap in the vaccine. And not only in one, eh? There are several vials that are being examined. 

Ricardo Delgado: That last photograph that you have seen, we had not shown it yet. You should know that it belongs to another doctor, another researcher in another part of Spain. That is why it is important that every photograph that comes out, every researcher who does a job and who complements the basic study, which is the preliminary report, gives even more guarantee than what we already know. And the fact is that this has really been included in all the vaccines, what changes from one simple vaccine to another is the dose, the posology that has been included in the vaccine.

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