La Quinta Columna: Graphene oxide + 5G = COVID-19

July 03, 2021

The biostatistician and founder of La Quinta Columna Ricardo Delgado hasn't stopped giving interviews today. 

A few hours ago, on the Twitch channel La Caja de Pandora, he has made a summary of all the research he has carried out together with Dr. José Luis Sevillano and the team from the University of Almería.

Since many people still seem to have doubts about how graphene oxide causes COVID-19, Ricardo has explained it once again, briefly and simply for everyone to understand, since apparently it is not clear to everyone what 5G technology has to do in all this.

Orwell City offers the selected excerpt and has translated and subtitled it into English, as it has been doing lately. Share this video on social networks, make it go viral because this is about saving lives. For real.

Link: Rumble

"And until people notices —because some people think the TV is God himself—, and turn off the TV and read a report coming from a professor working in a public university in Spain, that says that there is solid evidence, more than verifiable, that there is a derivative of graphene, specifically graphene oxide. Only then they will say: "OK, if graphene oxide causes us within the body thrombi, thrombogenicity, blood coagulating action, alteration of the immune system —that is, when there are more graphene oxide toxicants than glutathione in reserve, it causes the collapse of the immune system and cytokine storm—, if it spreads by inhalation uniformly through the lungs and generates bilateral pneumonias..." People will ask: "What is this?" What does this sound like to me? To me, the disease sounds like severe COVID-19 to me; the real, unique, extraordinary severe COVID-19." 

So, people will understand that all the protective elements that have been provided to the population, like the masks that had graphene nanoparticles and they were withdrawn, do you recall? But they are still being marketed to this day! 

Yesterday we discovered two companies in Spain. One has quickly withdrawn the item from the store, but will be denounced anyway because it has already contacted FACUA communication and consumer service agencies. The masks, the PCR tests, probably the antigen tests, in the anti-flu vaccination, in the new intranasal vaccines made by Nanografi, all of them contain graphene oxide. So how is it possible? Carlos and those people who are listening to me: how is it possible that after those masks that were withdrawn because they contained graphene oxide and caused lung diseases, graphene oxide has been introduced in the vials, in those famous anti-COVID vaccines anyway? 

We have analyzed the Pfizer vaccine, but due to the magnetism acquired by all the people who are inoculated with Moderna, AstraZeneca and others, the most normal thing is that these considerable doses of graphene oxide, which is the main component that we have found in the vaccine, is in all of them

We are talking about the systematic, massive and gradual poisoning of the entire world population by offering them as a vaccine and hope precisely what is potentially going to make them sick. And why do I say that it is potentially going to make them sick? Because some people say: "Well, I was jabbed, I have had two doses. I have had a strong fever, I have reached 40º —,which logically in an 82 year old would mean death and it would be the last fever—, but nothing has happened to me." "Nothing is wrong." But what really happens is that they have not died. That's what they mean. That nothing has happened to you until they do the famous 5G switch-on, right? Like they did in March and April.

Graphene oxide is a material, and like any material, it has what's called an electronic absorption band. That's a particular frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum, also radio frequency telephony at which the material is excited and multiplies specifically. Graphene oxide multiplies its frequencies, they receive a very weak radio frequency signal and it gets excited, proliferates, oxidizes rapidly. 

So, what will happen when they hit the little button that they are expecting to hit the day after tomorrow? Because they said it was by July 5. 

That is the Delta variant that is coming. So they know when the Delta variant is coming and when the brain tsunami is coming. They push the little button. 

People who have been inoculated or have received the graphene oxide by other routes, that graphene oxide oxidizes much more rapidly and they break the balance, the balance between glutathione and the toxic graphene oxide. And the famous cytokine storm and COVID-19 is triggered in a matter of hours. So that's why they know when it's going to come, where it's going to come, where it's going to go. The virus goes to those areas where they press the little button, where there is telephone infrastructure, because where there is none, there is practically no real COVID-19, as the microbiologist Bartomeu Payeras Cifre demonstrated with the frontier effect. 

 We know this perfectly. Those at the very top too. Others in the middle are ignoring all this and pushing the rest towards the precipice. But then there are others in the middle who also know it and act maliciously. Those are the ones we have to go after."

—Ricardo Delgado.

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