Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez talks about the toxicity of graphene and scientific literature with false publication dates

July 11, 2021

Doctor and geneticist Luis Marcelo Martínez was interviewed by the Uruguayan channel 'No más Mentiras'.

The interview covered topics such as the non-existence of the Spike protein and the presence of graphene and other nano-components that should not be in a vaccine.

One of the points Dr. Martínez emphasized the most was that now that we are learning what's in the vaccine, we can draw conclusions about the real objective behind the mass vaccination.

It is not the protection of the population against a virus, but something that we do not know, and that makes us think that it is obscure in nature, since no doctor was ever informed that the vaccine contained graphene or any of the things that have been found in it.

The Argentine geneticist also stresses that a good amount of papers were written during the year 2020. More than ever before in history, and that most of them have a false release date. There is literature that claims to be 5 or 6 years old but that was actually written last year. 

Strange things are happening, and anyone who doesn't realize it is probably sold out to the system or has a price.

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"So now they want to paint graphene as super cool. That it is really good to use it. Graphene is toxic, it has toxicity and that is also studied and demonstrated. It has been studied and demonstrated. 

So, what happens with the line of dissidents? Where does this war arise in which the ego is reigning and nobody dares to get down from their heroism? The person who lost years or months with the Spike protein issue has to accept it. I mean, I did. I have to get rid of my ego if I see that people are getting magnetic and that this is an issue where engineers have to start working. I lower my ego. I'll no longer insist in the area of genetics. I'm aware that there are many more things here than genetics. We are working with engineers. Do you understand that? Engineers. Because we have the humility to realize that multiple lines of research have to be developed in parallel. To realize that there is no one who is right here and that no one is going to be awarded the Nobel Prize. 

So, these fights in dissidence give me a lot to think about. They give me a lot to think about. They give me a lot to think about. I don't know what's going on. Why? Because wills are bought, and because people get tired. And because the stakes are high, and because we are all human beings. The first thing is the ego. 

Why do you have to hold on tooth and nail to the virus and the Spike protein version? Why? Why don't we hold on to the evidence? And we have very powerful evidence that people are dying from the vaccine. And that people are becoming magnetized. Some people, not all, because we need to go back to the placebo concept

They are not going to do it on the spur of the moment. This progressive, is gradual. It is progressive, okay? It is progressive, they are not going to do it immediately to everybody. So I don't care if it is graphene or if it is magnetite. I don't care. But I am sure that it does not have to be inside the vaccine. It does not have to be inside the vaccine. And that's it. There is nothing more to discuss. Because if there is a component that generates effects inside the vaccine, then there is another underlying objective. Do you realize that we stay in the details? Some people say: 'No. It is magnetite' 'They are not micro...' Give me a break! This cannot be inside the vaccine because if it is, there is another underlying plan. Period. 

So, Dr. Natalia Prego is now talking about 'the benefits and applications of graphene'. Are we all crazy? And that graphene 'can be used to detect SARS-CoV-2'. So Dr. Natalia Prego is resuscitating the virus. She reinforces the concept of contagion by the Spike protein of vaccinees and dismisses the actual use of graphene in these vaccines. Nobody told us that they were going to add graphene, and I, as a physician —after 22 years as a physician and 17 years as a geneticist—, have never heard anything in my life about magnetogenetics or the use of magnetic materials, not at all. Nor have I ever read it or seen it until this moment. 

And now there are a lot of papers about apparently so many advances and stuff. All of that is scientific information generated on the spot. There are Chinese sitting around writing bullshit all the time. There was no historical peak in the production of scientific literature as in the year 2020. It has never happened in history before. There are people sitting around writing nonstop. And in the same way, they are writing things for us now, and make us believe that they were written 5 or 6 years ago. And they come and bring you their papers pretending to be innocent telling you: 'Ah! See that this has been used before?' No, pal. It was not used. It was not used. Nobody told me. Nobody told me. 

I have never read about it before. And I'm a guy who is constantly reading because I cannot practice my specialty if I'm not constantly up to date with the advances online. I mean, we are reading all the time. It's not that I only read to graduate and I never read anything else again. No. Minute by minute people like me are reading everything. I have never read anything about magnetic materials being used to incorporate them into a gene or to modulate something. I've never heard anything about it before. No, no... I learn about it now. I know it now. 

So, watch out what some people are saying. Why? The fracture in the dissidence causes us all to lose as a whole. Because we're going to end up going to hell. And now I'm beginning to suspect that some people are sold out."

—Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez, Geneticist.

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