Writer Emilio Carrillo explains how the Elite is constituted and how it recruits members

July 01, 2021

In the following video, which Orwell City has translated and subtitled for its readers, Spanish writer Emilio Carrillo explains the network of very powerful power circles ―commonly referred to as the elite, the 'Deep State' or the 'Shadow Government'― that adopt and execute in a cold, calculated manner their goals to control humanity.

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"The economy, society, politics, the socioeconomic system are managed by an elite. That elite is perfectly organized and that elite has a series of circles in its organization.

They have a first circle, a second circle, a third circle, and it is through their circles that they manage and direct all the economic, political, and the institutional and social mechanisms.

And in the main core, in circle one, the beings there are not human beings. In circle two they are, but in circle one they aren't. And in the first circle there are the non-human beings, what was referred to in the question: who are these non-human beings? Spiritual forces have given us very important clues in this regard. What happens is that in the manipulation that they themselves pursue because of the anonymity in which they try to act, when we read that in those texts, which in many cases for many spiritual currents are sacred, but when today a human being reads those texts, precisely because of the manipulation in which we are, it seems impossible. And there a paradox is born, and that is that there are people who read those texts and believe everything those texts say but this. Everything but this.

What do I mean? The fact that there are some beings that are in this world, not being of this world, not being human beings, and they are the ones in control of humanity making us believe that they're our gods. They have invented religions, they have invented spiritual figures, and above all and fundamentally, they're in control of this society. For a long time, as they can't do it directly, they've looked for human beings who are willing to do it. Those the humans who prostrate themselves. Something that Jesus didn't do. There have been human beings who have done it. 

Both that circle one of non-human beings and circle two of human beings who have prostrated themselves are totally anonymous. Whatever family name we have is neither in circle one, nor in circle two. In circle one because we are not human and in circle two, because being human they are in absolute anonymity. In fact, the third circle, in order to guarantee anonymity, is not in a position of people, but of organizations. Secret organizations that recruit people. These organizations have multiple forms, they're not fixed. There are a multitude of organizations worldwide that are used to check to what extent people are valid to use them in their circles. In the fourth, in the fifth, in the sixth... And they put them in the suitable charges so that they perform their role.

When someone is recruited, when someone is put in these places through these organizations, what profile is sought? First of all, a very egocentric profile. People who have a great need to satisfy their own egotistical desires: wealth, power, success, recognition, fame, etc. And then they also have an enormous disdain for other human beings. This is key. Because the elite, starting with circle one, circle two, considers that humanity is a stupid herd, of fools who only deserve to be controlled, manipulated and be at their service. So it's key that the one who is captured also has that vision of people, that he has a disdain, in a way, for his fellow human beings and that thinks that people are stupid and that he's the smart one. Therefore, he's there to take advantage of the fools out there. This is another distinctive element when the elite recruits.

Alright. That's how an elite is formed: with different circles, with elites, with sub-elites, which are the ones who are currently in charge of managing the socio-economic system. And, of course, of practicing an enormous manipulation. Enormous. Continuous. 

The elements of manipulation ―I believe that by now we know very well which are the fundamental ones―, there are many ways to manipulate, but there are a series of techniques that are the most used, the ones they have always used and the ones they continue to use now.

The main one: fear and insecurity. They know that a human being, when he is afraid, when he is insecure, is more easily manipulated and more easily controlled than a human being who's not afraid and a human being who is in his place. So what they continually try to do is: messages aimed at making people afraid, making people live in uncertainty, live in insecurity. This is very simple to check. Turn on the TV. Open a newspaper. Regardless of other things, what are the messages today? Fear and insecurity. 

Haven't we wondered this many times? It's logical to wonder this: why there is always the same thing on the news? With so many beautiful, delightful and loving things in the world, why is it always the same thing? Very simple: because the networks, the big media, belong to the elite, and the elite use them for their goal, which is to transmit fear and insecurity".

―Emilio Carrillo.

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