Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: 'The Spike protein doesn't exist'

July 01, 2021

Argentine doctor Luis Marcelo Martínez has read the entire virology literature and is sure that the Spike protein has never existed. He also explains why it's unlikely that a vaccinated person is contagious and suggest to all those who express pseudo-magnetism to avoid taking more doses.

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"Many people are afraid: and the vaccinated person is contagious? First of all, I don't know. We can't prove it and from the mechanics of biology, I don't see it possible because... Let's see. Let's assume that really the vaccine, the mRNA, gives the instruction... Let's assume this, okay? If they instruct the cell to produce the famous protein S. Guys, think about it. That protein is produced by the cells inside our organism, it is processed, it is processed. And how is it going to be excreted to the outside? In other words, how is it that it arrives intact when you cough it up and the other person catches it and you infect him? In other words, what are they thinking? 

How? How? How? How do many people who are in the line of protein S and the contagion of the vaccinated realize this? I mean, you have to think for two minutes. The cells in your body, which ones would produce protein S? The ones in the immune system? No. No. I mean, all the cells, but mostly the ones that have a high turnover. So what happens to the protein once it's released? It's processed. It's processed. So, can it go outside intact? No, certainly not. And besides all of this has to be absolutely shot down, because I'm going to say in plain English, that given that no coronavirus has ever been isolated, no coronavirus has ever been purified. And it's the truth because to know that you have to go through the entire virological literature. And I did that. That is why I speak as I speak and then I meet Lanka, who comes to ratify everything I had seen.

"We have taken a protein S, we put it inside monkey kidney cells, let's see what we catch. Ah, look! It is ACE2 that we got!" They did a little test by comparing fragments by weight, by mass spectroscopy, not by nucleotide sequence, and by functional analysis of the fragments. I'm talking tough so that those who have to listen can hear me. 

And again for the "checkers", because I have become disgusted and sympathetic to the "checkers", sympathetic because they even deny me personal audios. Gentlemen, they start denying leaked audios. And all the kids that you name today, who I do not even know who they are, I google them and they do not exist. Come to debate if you want to be "checked", take a seat and debate with me and with all my colleagues. Checkers, Chequeado, and AFT Factual and all that bunch of motherfuckers. So bring those guys into a debate. Okay? 

Protein S has never existed. Let's stop fucking around with protein S and contagion to the vaccinated. Now, if a vaccinated person generates some sort of electromagnetic distortion in his environment for some time, some sort of effect in the very near environment could be expected. We strongly recommend to the vaccinated that they become aware of their situation and first of all, try to do as much grounding as possible and then appeal to different tools to try to start purifying. The body is being purified, gentlemen, everyone just relax, you will not remain magnetic forever.

If you have become aware of this, do not take the second dose. Respect your body, do not get vaccinated ever again. And your body will be purified. Don't be afraid, don't be frightened by magnetism. In a moment you can generate some distortion by the electromagnetic field in the near environment and maybe you can. Remember that we are facing unprecedented situations. We do not have the answer to everything. We are deducing and we are reasoning in the most logical way possible. Remember first of all: do not be afraid of anything. Do not be afraid of anything, of anything at all, of anything, because our organism is very strong, very tough. There is no machine with adaptive capacity, malleability, capacity for renewal. Eh... Sophisticated as the human-machine. You have no idea of the natural technology that we are. We marvel at a cell phone: "Look at all the applications it has", "Look at this car, the number of things it has". 

You know what? The number 1 machine in the universe is us. The number 1 machine in the universe, as I say, the best of the best. In some books, it says that we are made in the image and likeness of God. And it is true because if there is someone who is thinking this whole scenario with us, he sent the ultimate work. We are an absolutely perfect machine. I say this as a doctor and as a person who looks in awe at what we are, and why? Because I have seen the whole process from the time we were two separate cells until we formed an egg and until we die."

―Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez, Genetist.

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