Dr. Ángel Ruíz-Valdepeñas: 'Enough of cowardly doctors and cowardly nurses'

July 13, 2021

In an exclusive interview for Coordinadora Sin Miedo (CSM), Dr. Ángel Ruíz-Valdepeñas called on the healthcare community to report cases of people arriving for an emergency due to side effects derived from vaccines.

Orwell City brings the key excerpt into English.

Link: Rumble

"Any College of Physicians that has recommended a vaccination without complying with these criteria is liable to be denounced. And from here, I encourage you to do so and ask for patrimonial claims. 

The Nurses, DUES (University Graduates in Nursing) are university graduates, they already have more than enough capacity to think. We no longer have an excuse. Nor do doctors, nurses, nor do scientists. The data are there. Many people are dying. 

I encourage my colleagues, also emergency physicians, like the very brave Dr. Nadiya Popel. She exposed that about 10% or so of the admissions that they're having to the hospital for an emergency —and she works in a small hospital— are side effects of vaccines. And we're not talking about mild headaches but about encephalitis, myelitis, Guillain-Barre syndrome... In other words, many people will be left with lifelong complications. 

So, enough of cowardly doctors and cowardly nurses. Show your faces, chiefs of emergency services. What percentage of people are you seeing with side effects from vaccines? I want to see it on the news. Are you earning extra bonuses for this? My dear nurses and health colleagues: That money is stained with blood and death. When you do not tell those you are going to inoculate that it is a substance in the experimental phase, with unknown side effects, you are earning money stained with blood and death."

—Dr. Ángel Ruíz-Valdepeñas

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