La Quinta Columna on aqueous graphene oxide solution for sale on AliExpress

July 26, 2021

It's no surprise China sells products containing graphene oxide through its trojan horse AliExpress. Much less so when the product in question is an aqueous solution that can be added to saline and vaccines

The pieces start to fit together perfectly, don't they? This is the real never isolated, nor purified, nor characterized SARS-CoV-2.

Want it any clearer? While some try to make us think that graphene is a wonder nanomaterial, it's confirmed that it's a toxic nanomaterial that's being used to transhumanize the population without them even knowing it. And, of course, it's also killing people by masquerading as a virus. 

Below, Orwell City offers an excerpt from  La Quinta Columna's 89th program, which streamed just a few hours ago.

In this excerpt, Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano talk more in-depth about this disturbing finding on the Chinese website.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Remember that, earlier, we talked about the physiological saline containing graphene oxide. We talked about that patent. Well, we looked on Aliexpress, and there's an aqueous solution with graphene oxide used as a liquid base in the manufacture of medical products for sale

This means that this solution may be being mixed with physiological saline, among other things. Because many people say: 'I haven't taken any vaccine, nor have I had a PCR test, nor have I had the flu vaccine or the COVID vaccine, but I have ended in the hospital'. And the first thing they give you when you're in bed is usually the IV. And, from that point on, those people express magnetism. People behind this have likely introduced it that way. And, as I say, they sell it, too.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: It could very well be that way. It could be perfectly possible. It wouldn't be strange at all. Nothing unusual. It could be present in dilutions and, maybe, in quantities that are not as dangerous as the vaccine. But it's in there receiving electromagnetic signals. It's quite possible. It's very possible. I tell you, maybe it's in anything that can be inhaled or injected. Little kids also express magnetism in their thighs after vaccination. That means, then, that those vaccines also carry graphene.

And how many times are we going to thank heaven that it leaves magnetic traces! Otherwise, can you imagine what would have happened? Today we would know nothing and we would have no proof of anything. Because the subject of the EMF waves has been going on for a long time, with investigations after investigations. 

And there we have our "friend"... What was his name? Alberto Nájera. He has people telling you in universities that there are no studies on the dangers of EMF and that everything is a lie. You would never have been able to attack him from any flank. 

But the fucking magnetic arms... Neither Nájera nor his fucking mother, nor nobody who comes here, nobody can deny that they exist. Nor studies, nor anything. There is nothing. There's nothing written about magnetic arms. Neither Nájera, nor anyone, nor the government president, nor any god coming from the other world could say that this phenomenon doesn't exist. Because it does. 

And with that, friends, we're saved. We can now tell them directly: 'You're lying! You're killing us!' Just like we say on La Quinta Columna's posters. They're killing us because the arms remain magnetic, and nobody explains them. 

And now, if you tell me that graphene is in the saline. I'll answer you that there indeed is. Now, if you tell me that there is Spike protein in the vaccination vials and all that... Heh, that's where I start to doubt. 

But let's imagine that the Spike protein exists. And yet you see how graphene exists, and nobody explains why it is there. And what does that do where it shouldn't? 

So with what we have in our hands, is the chance to wake up humanity. We have it in our hands. We have it in our hands. And "they" are very pissed off and very upset because that's how we can expose them. That's the point where we can start attacking them. They expected that this revolt of people demonstrating would come later, but thanks to the magnetic arms, we had been able to move forward. And every day that we advance, there are tens of thousands fewer people dead. Because we have to gain time. Otherwise, every day that goes by is more deaths, more people with the magnetic arm, more people at risk of dying, and getting seriously ill. 

So, if they had plans for us revolting a little bit later because we were fed up, because of economic needs, social crisis, because we had realized that this is a joke, they were expecting all that later on. Let's see if we can do it before they damage us so much that we cannot even react. 

And how can we do it? Thanks to the magnetic arms. And particularly, particularly to the magnetic arms. And especially to Campra's report that says there is graphene. And no matter how much they want to discredit it, they cannot. They've already tried, huh? They've already tried. But they can't. The only thing they can do is —as Ricardo says—: slander, defame, offend, disrespect. But they cannot prove anything. They just cannot prove anything. And that's what makes us invulnerable to all kinds of attacks coming from these people.

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