Andreas Kalcker's team confirms evidence of graphene oxide in 'vaccines'

July 23, 2021

In an exclusive interview that Andreas Kalcker's team gave for Rafa Talbo's channel last Thursday 21, they confirmed the evidence of graphene oxide in the vaccination vials. And this nanomaterial is not only present in those that have already been analyzed. 

Dr. Kalcker agrees with La Quinta Columna's theories and states that all vaccines contain graphene oxide. A nanomaterial that shouldn't be in the vials since it generates very serious problems in people's health due to its ability to interfere with the body's electromagnetic fields.

Below, Orwell City offers the excerpt in which Dr. Andreas Kalcker himself confirms the presence of this toxic substance in the vaccination vials. At the same time, this excerpt is commented on by La Quinta Columna to complement the information provided.

Link: Rumble

Ricardo Delgado: Let's see what Andreas Kalcker's team says after the analysis of the vials. Let's watch the video. 

Dr. Isignares: For example, there is an issue that concerns us a lot because we had already detected certain things in the vaccines. And that's that these vaccines contain graphene oxide. It's been verified by electronic microscopy by someone from our team. The question is: why is there graphene?  

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: To make it crystal clear. What varies is the biological composition of the vaccines. What doesn't change in any of them, and that's in all of them, are the crystals that are present in different amounts. They're present in all the vials. There is both the magnetite, which has a Chinese patent, by the way. It's patented. You can see... It's not magnetite. It's graphene

Ricardo Delgado: I think that when Dr. Andreas Kalcker first said 'magnetite', he was probably referring to graphene. But he got lost in translation and may have had some difficulty when expressing himself because here he clarifies. I'm going to backtrack.

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: Magnetite, which has a Chinese patent, by the way. It's patented. You can see... It's not magnetite. It's graphene. 

Dr. Insignares: It's been patented since August 2020 in Shanghai. 

Dr. Andreas Kalcker: Yes, that's the graphene oxide patent. 

Exactly. And then, the other part is that all the vaccines use this. I mean, it's just as if everybody knew about this technology. However, what we're concerned about is the side effect it has. And then this isn't described in medicine, from your field, but it's described in my field, biophysics. 

What happens then? The body needs its electromolecular capabilities to work. The heart beats because there's a magnetic field that creates, subsequently, the electricity for pumping and everything else. And, therefore, what graphene is doing is that it's completely altering our electromagnetic field. Something that has never happened before. And, let's say, what we're seeing is something 'in vivo' with some dramatic effects

To understand more, we have also been watching a lot of videos of people who are dying after being vaccinated. There're others where you see people spasming. These spasms have, for example, very specific frequencies, and they are, basically the same in all kinds of spasms. These spasms, clearly indicate that there is a disruption of the human electromagnetic fields.

Ricardo Delgado: Well, it's now clear that Andreas Kalcker's team has also discovered graphene oxide in vaccines. Then he talks more about the famous CDS (chlorine dioxide). 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: It's not magnetite, it's graphene oxide. Because he first brought up magnetite in the past. 

We know that there are heavy metals in the vaccine. We don't know how they're structured in the vaccine solution; whether they're present as crystals or something else. Then, there may be crystals of some kind of iron or some other metals. We know that there are heavy metals because researchers from Italy have already told us so. The famous Pfizer video, they have already told us that...

Ricardo Delgado: About that video. We have the video and we'll share it soon.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Anyway, we know that there are other heavy metals found that shouldn't be in that vaccine either.

Ricardo Delgado: What's more. In Mallorca, they have also found the same.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Exactly. But we don't know if it forms magnetite crystals or not, but there are heavy metals. 

But with this, Kalcker corrects himself in the sense that we no longer speak of magnetite in the content of all vaccines, but graphene oxide. And we must give much more importance to his statement because in principle he wasn't for sorting out graphene oxide as a component of vaccines, but for sorting a component called magnetite, which quickly fed the famous false dissidence. In our opinion, a suspicious dissidence that quickly said that there was magnetite. But now, Kalcker is the one who's telling everyone that there is no magnetite, but rather graphene oxide.

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