Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez explains why there's no concrete evidence of isolation, purification, and characterization of SARS-CoV-2

July 18, 2021

During the last program in which Dr. Luis Marcelo Martinez appeared publicly, he exposed how the people behind the false pandemic manipulate the information about the virus' origin that has hunted us for 16 months.

He dedicated part of the 3-hour interview for No Más Mentiras Uruguay to destroy the fact-checkers and the false claim they always resort to: 'that SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated, purified, and characterized'.

The geneticist takes apart the lie that the media echoes and explains very well how the scientific literature has been lying about everything. From the existence of the Spike protein to the isolation of the virus that has kept us locked up with no real justification whatsoever.

In the following video that Orwell City has prepared, you can see and hear Dr. Martinez directly. It's a video that everyone should see, as it invites not only to realize that humanity has been blatantly lied to but also to develop the critical thinking of those who swallow everything the TV tells them about this fake virus.

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Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: 'The true fact that generated false claims.' Look at you. Let's see. Miss Ana Prieto, who writes for AFP Factual, and who keeps writing things about me. Let's turn this around. Ana Prieto says that 'the fact that a country hasn't isolated the virus doesn't mean that the virus doesn't exist.' 

Then I ask you, Ana, which country has it isolated, purified, and characterized? Ana, do the following: Why don't you fact-check Dr. Wu Zunyou? The Chinese doctor from the Chinese CDC who, in the interview on NBC News on the Nightly News program, stated that the people at the Chinese CDC haven't isolated, characterized, and purified the virus. Why don't you censure him? 

Link: Rumble

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: Why don't you censure the CDC in the United States? Why don't you censure the Ministry of Health in Ireland, Great Britain, or New Zealand? Which country in the world has this blessed virus isolated, purified, and characterized? Explain to me which one? How can it be? How can it be that 16 months after this pandemic caused by an alleged new virus, nobody has yet been able to prove it scientifically, Ana? Journalist Ana, how can it be? Don't you think about it? 

Let's see. Now I'm going to turn the story around. I demand that you present me with proof, Ana Prieto —journalist of AFP Factual—, present me proofs of viral isolation, purification, and characterization. Proof. Repeatable tests, tests that can be replicated in other laboratories. So it turns out that Uruguay cannot characterize and purify the virus because you need biosafety laboratories.

Ah! But neither could the United States. And China couldn't either. And Britain couldn't either. Which country in the world is proving this fallacy to us? So, please, Ana Prieto and AFP Factual, present to me and humanity already concrete and replicable proof of viral isolation, purification, and characterization. I want to see and be present on the spot

And to all the people you gather in your notes, call them to debate. People from CONICET and everyone. Call them all to a debate. And you know what we are going to do? We're going to review the papers together, and we are going to look at the details of the papers. We are going to look at details such as the date on which they were written. The simultaneity of publications with different data. The reviewers. We're going to look at who the reviewers are

And I'm going to give you another piece of information, Ana. Anita, my dear. 

Isolating a virus doesn't mean obtaining genetic information from a cell culture broth. Do you know why? Because that genetic information comes from the patient's own cells and from the cells of the culture. Explain to me, Ana, why is it impossible to isolate and purify viruses from respiratory cells and always use green monkey kidney cells? Why Vero cells? It turns out that a respiratory virus does not replicate in respiratory epithelial cells. So, the genetic information obtained from the culture supernatant or broncho-alveolar lavage comes from multiple sources. First from the patient himself and, secondly, from the culture cells. When you amplify and sequence this information, which is a mixture of data, you have to enter it into a bio-computing program such as, for example, the MUSCLE program, which artificially assembles a viral genome.

Did you know that, Ana? Did everybody else know that? Those from CONICET and everybody else? Then, why? Why are genetic platform vaccines being proposed? Chinese vaccines are not attenuated viruses because there is no virus. You have to have the virus purified. And how do you purify a virus, Ana? When you make the culture, you put the patient's sample in a small dish with green monkey kidney cells —if it's okay with you—, and once the cells die —which actually die due to technical factors and not due to the presence of the virus they die due to technical factors. This has been called cytopathogenic action—. After that, you have to do differential ultrafiltration, differential gradient, to separate the viral particles. Those viral particles have to be characterized. 

And how are they characterized? You have to take out the famous Spike protein, make the nucleotide sequence of it, and you have to take out the genome directly from inside the purified, characterized viral particle. And then you have to put that viral particle into healthy animals to see if they get sick. Then you are demonstrating the pathogenicity of the virus. And then, those sick animals have to be placed with other healthy animals to see if there is contagiousness. Then we have the whole process, and science manages to demonstrate a new pathogen. So they imprisoned the world's population for an excuse that science doesn't fully and completely prove.

Ana. Send this audio to the CONICET and to all of them. Why? Because they are following a traditional classical line of argument that has never been questioned. And why do I question it? I question it because I'm a geneticist. 

And I know that if you are obtaining nucleic acids from a broncho-alveolar lavage or from culture supernatant, you're amplifying and sequencing genetic information from multiple origins. Let the head of CONICET come and disprove that. So AFP Factual and Ana Prieto, I demand you to deliver to me, to the international medical scientific community, and to humanity concrete and complete evidence of viral isolation, purification, and characterization. Present me concrete and full proof of animal testing to demonstrate pathogenicity and contagiousness

Present me proof, please. And also, gather all those people with whom you consult and put them to the debate. Do you know what a 'debate' means? It's all or nothing. That's where we go to death. That's where we pull out the papers and everything. And it's a dogfight. We're going to do it dog-faced. Would that be fun for you, Ana? Ana Prieto, would that be fun for you? Well, then call them in. Call them all and stop being accomplices to mass murder, and fraud, and trampling of humanity. Because you, Ana Prieto, are contributing with censorship to global genocide. And there will be a trial. Sooner or later, people will be judged. And you are going to be among those on trial. Got it?


Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez:  Besides, look at what it says there. It says: 'Suggesting that SARS-CoV- 2 hasn't been isolated and that there are no publications on it is untenable'. 

No, I didn't say no. In fact, there are a lot of publications that claim to have isolated the virus. Of course, there are publications. Yes, there are plenty. I never said there are no publications about it. That is to say, my statements are out of context. Of course, publications are proclaiming and announcing to have isolated the virus. 

The point is that when you read that publication, you realize perfectly well that the only thing they did was to sequence genetic information coming from multiple origins. And that's all. That is what I say. And that no characterization tests have been done on a purified virus through differential gradient filtration where you really filter, and you have the viruses —the small particles—, that have never been demonstrated. 

And from that point, you start working with the virus, not from the culture soup. Why? Because in the culture soup there are monkey cells, human cells, there is everything. Because you have to put the patient's mucus in a dish where there are cell culture cells, which in general are Vero cells: African green monkey kidney cells. So these people are specialists in decontextualizing. I didn't say that there are no publications, in fact, publications abound, but none of them prove that the virus really exists. But on the other hand, as I say, there is no longer any point in this discussion and for me telling them 'No, the virus doesn't exist.' No.

Directly, I now ask them and Sabatté. Dr. Sabatté, invite me to your laboratory. Dr. Sabatté, invite me and show me a purified virus and animal tests with that virus. And if you cannot do it here, Sabatté, at CONICET, show me where in the world you can. And do you know why you are obliged to demonstrate it? Because this fake virus has brought the world to ruin and is killing people. But it isn't the virus that kills but the concept and the dictatorship with this false excuse. So Dr. Sabatté, you are obliged to fight for humanity, not to talk nonsense.

'Unsustainable' What is unsustainable? Unsustainable is your lie. See? Then take me to some laboratory where you have really done the whole process or tell me which one. And prove it to me and to the world. Period. Now let them present the evidence, not me. I don't have any proof to present. I didn't invent this whole fallacy. I can stand in front of thousands of people, demanding proof from all these guys. And what are they going to tell you when a short time ago the Ministry responded to a request for public information and acknowledged that PCR is useless and that there is no virus? Ah, Argentina doesn't have the virus either. Uruguay doesn't have it. And well, and again China doesn't have it. Nobody has it. So... 

Fernando (No Más Mentiras Uruguay): Then, what strains are they talking about if they don't have the virus?

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: The excuse for the strains is the re-sequencing of patients, and they are creating variants. It's more of the same. It's more of the same. It's the re-sequencing of patients in different areas, and they put together variants with the computer programs. That is to say, of course, that the variants are nonsense. Why? Because the clinical pictures remain the same. In other words, it's the same flu, same pneumonia. Everything is the same. So, what variant are they talking about if the clinical pictures are the same? And how many clinical pictures do we have? And how many people do we have? Do we have people dying at home? Are there people who have died at home from COVID-19?

Fernando (No Más Mentiras Uruguay): Vaccinees are. 

Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez: Of course. Vaccinees die in the street. Just today, I saw four or five blocks away from where I'm an adult person who was being resuscitated on the sidewalk. And I'm certainly not going to go over to see what's going on. But we're going to start seeing that. We're going to start seeing spontaneous deaths everywhere. Do you realize? Of course, we are going to start seeing that. But not because of the virus, but because of the poison they inoculate. Evidently. There is no doubt about that. So, variants are just more of the same. Fernando. It's more of the same. Why? Because SARS-CoV-2 would be a variant of the previous coronaviruses, do you understand?

They draw you the variants with the computer programs. It's that easy. There is no isolation. And they call it 'isolation' when they put mucus in the dish with the cells and see that the cells of the monkey kidney start to die. But they don't tell you why those cells die. That is explained very well by Lanka.

The culture cells die because of technical aspects, because of the antibiotics they put into the culture, because of the fetal bovine serum when they cut off the nutrition. So the cells die, of course. And electron microscopy isn't showing you any virus. What it shows you are cell inclusions, exosomes, and the corona phenomenon. It's not showing you any viruses. 

Because they show you the microscopy results, and they say, 'Ah, I got the cytopathogenic effect in the cell culture. That's it! The virus is there' But what if I do the sequencing? Where do you do the sequencing from? If you didn't separate the virus, you simply didn't separate it. 

So grab, Sabatté, grab all the papers you want and show me the sequencing of the genome of a purified virus. Please, I beg you Dr. Sabatte. Do it for humanity, and for the truth, and for your children. This is not to argue to see who is right if it is a virus or not. I don't give a damn if there is a virus or not. I want truth and freedom. That's what I want.

Because the virus, if it existed, is not generating a health crisis. So let us not waste time in sterile discussions. So, Sabatté, let us pretend that the virus exists. Are we seeing a real health crisis? There hasn't been, and there is no health crisis because it's not sustained either epidemiologically or statistically. Do you know what it is sustained on? On modified concepts

This is a pandemic by definition established as of 2009 by the WHO. Period. And the death count started in March 2020 until today. And they are counting the total deaths of people killed over these 16 months. And it all fell into the same bag. People know

People get tired of telling you that they die in an accident and their death certificate says 'COVID'. People know. I mean, let's not get into discussions. This proves itself. Doctors also know it, doctors, who are in hospitals. How do they tolerate that? Why do they tolerate that a person who comes in stabbed leaves with a diagnosis of death by COVID? Why do they do it? Why don't they stand up to that? Don't they realize that it leads to an artificial inflation of numbers to go ahead with this stupidity to keep having an excuse, to keep violating people, to keep locking you up, to want to vaccinate you like cattle? No, brother. No! Keep all your vaccines. We're free and healthy.

We don't need anything from you, and even less from criminal laboratories which, the first thing they have to do —and I repeat it again— is to inform the doctors what crap they're injecting to the people so that we doctors can go on doing our job. Because if I have a patient who is inoculated, in the face of any health problem that person might have... my head explodes. My head explodes. That is to say, a pregnant woman loses her pregnancy after vaccination. My head explodes. I mean, that's it. Let's suppose a person is having a seizure. What do we do to reverse that if we don't know what is being injected into people? What is the antidote for everything? What is it? 

Then it's going to be very difficult for us to continue doing medicine because it was already hard when all the children are chronically intoxicated with the number of killer calendar vaccines. And I come back to the same thing: to the Corvelva report, eh? There are all the Kennedy documents. There is a compilation of more than 1,200 scientific articles demonstrating the toxicity of aluminum, mercury, cell culture lines contained in vaccines. Fetal cells have been used for years. This is not new. Metallic microparticles and many other little things. There are many other little things that I'm not going to talk about. Someday those responsible are going to talk. They're going to be grabbed by the scruff of the neck and tell people the truth. The truth.

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