La Quinta Columna: 'Saving lives is a must for all human beings'

June 27, 2021

In an exclusive for Uruguay, La Quinta Columna has emphasized on the program Voces en la Noche on Canal 77, more strongly than ever, that what motivates them to carry out their research is the duty they have as human beings: to help others if they can. They are not looking for money or fame, just to save lives. 

A powerful message that all those who follow them have understood quite well. 

This is a war against those who seek to control humanity, against those who seek to harm it and against those who attack true dissidence by discrediting everything that has already been proven by this exceptional Spanish team that risks its skin for its fellow human beings every day.

There is no nobler cause than the one they have been doing in a 'non-formal' way, since they are not financed by any entity. All the analyses to the vaccination vial that were obtained to know the truth have been done by their own means, because they know that when you can do something for others you must to do it, especially if it is to confront the rotten system that wants to lead the human race to its ruin, literally making it lose its humanity.

In a new note, Orwell City offers to its readers and followers the fragment of the interview in which the researchers express their deepest desire, what they seek with the hard work they do day after day without rest

Link: Rumble

Miguel Castro (Voces en la Noche): To wake up people and to have, even if it is only a thread of hope, to see where the hand is coming from. Because as José Luis used to say: it will be this way, it will be that way; it is this, it is that. Well, at least now there is a common thread. And well, we have to bet on that. Obviously, people have to draw their conclusions, they have to identify, because beyond the work you do and the work we can share it or spread it, people have to open their minds. 

It's like this: the information is out there, people, you can find it in La Quinta Columna, in their web page. Here also in our programs. The information is there, it is up to you now. It is up to you. Because the truth is that there were moments when I was, in these last days, a little bit bitter because, of course, I see that people are the same, things are still going on.

Today, for example, in England, well, in England there was a massive protest. The thing is that they are also going back to lockdown there. It's a crazy thing. They lockdown people again when there are vaccinated people, a lot of vaccinated people. In Israel they also go back to the lockdown because of the so called Delta strain.

Ricardo Delgado: Miguel, the only freedom that those people who naively and madly decide to get vaccinated will have, believing that they are protecting themselves from something, the only freedom they will get is death. The only freedom will be to go to the other side. Think that you are listening directly to two people, who in principle may be anonymous, that we have nothing to gain from what we are saying. Nothing more than to somehow empathize with our fellow human beings. 

La Quinta Columna's channels are not even monetized, even though they receive thousands of views. We are not interested in profiting in any way, precisely so that the message we transmit is as altruistic as possible. Just think that we have no interest whatsoever, there is nothing but prejudice against us.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano is risking his career, I am risking my credit, even the discredit within the family environment, something for which they are already thankful to me because they were aware, once they have presented the magnetism, that they have been completely deceived and many of them know that they are going to die eventually. 

Let the words you are hearing at this moment serve in some way to make you aware of what we really want to convey, that we have everything to lose and nothing to gain, while those up there are precisely 'buttered', as we say around here, they are buttered with money and have to gain from controlling, for example, the entire world's population. A dictator's dream.

Miguel Castro (Voces en la Noche): ¿José Luis? 

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Nothing more to say. That you help us. As we always say: help us because we are all in danger. All of us. Help us. We are not asking you for money, nor are we asking you to buy our videos in Copec. No. Help us to stop this, at your level, with your friends, with your families. If you can share on social media videos of pseudo-magnetized people, now this news is going to be official in a couple of days, by the way. This is graphene and the arms are magnetic. Get this circulating everywhere, because only we, person by person, individually and anonymously can stop this. And every time we stop a person from vaccinating or not vaccinating their children, we have saved a life.

That's something really important. 

You're not talking here about winning elections or anything else. You are saving lives. It's a commitment that all human beings have out of humanity, not to let others get sick and die. So we take it as an obligation, because we are in an obligation to assist our fellow human beings in this attack that we are under right now.

All of us who have been following La Quinta Columna for some time now believe that they carry a torch of hope in their hands, with their fire they are illuminating a path that can take us out of the nightmare we have been living since the plandemic began.. 

On behalf of Orwell City and all of us who support La Quinta Columna: thank you very much for your dedication and hard work!

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