Ricardo Delgado: 'Ethanol and nicotine help to biodegrade graphene'

June 07, 2021

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We have some very important information, probably the most important information you have heard in the last year and a half. 

The progress of the research about the introduction of graphene in the population —not only via inoculation and through the masks that, as you know, were removed through the PCR tests—, graphene oxide nanoparticles, multiple nanotubes of graphene oxide, with the consequences that that has inside the body to make people magnetic. That's evidence they can't deny. But this goes much further and I'm going to explain. 

Remember we were told that alcohol caused the supposed vaccine to lose its efficacy, right? And remember also those studies that were brought out by different countries that talked about nicotine, apparently, having some kind of integration and they were studying it because there was less COVID-19 disease with nicotine, remember that? With smokers there were fewer infections? Well, all this has a scientific basis based on graphene. 

What I want to tell you perfectly well is that since there is no real scientific sequencing evidence of SARS-CoV-2, well Sars-CoV2 is graphene, graphene monolayers. SARS-CoV-2 is graphene and graphene is SARS-CoV-2. Graphene is potent in aerosols like SARS-CoV-2. This is what it's all been done with. The disease was made, it is being made, and it is intended for a much darker end that you already know.

Moreover, you see, it happened that COVID-19 patients had inhibition of an enzyme called myeloperoxidase. Right. This means that it is an enzyme that acts as a neutrophil, that is to say, what it supposedly does is to trap and engulf macrophages macrophages (SARS-CoV-2), but it really does it with graphene. Myeloperoxidase is an enzyme that biodegrades graphene

What are these myeloperoxidase enzyme disruptors? 

Well, it is precisely alcohol (ethanol) that degrades graphene. Ethanol biodegrades graphene in the body because it increases myeloperoxidase production. Nicotine increases myeloperoxidase production. Therefore, it also degrades graphene. 

That is why these studies were related in terms of this popular disease (COVID-19) caused by the inhalation or inoculation of graphene, by various methods. In other words, we have literally hunted them down. 

Important: remember why the Regional Government of Andalusia, through the SAS, told you that you could not drink practically because the effectiveness of the vaccine would be lost? Remember why the bars were closed at 6 o'clock in the evening? Remember why smoking was banned.? Remember why it is said that after inoculation with the Russian vaccine Sputnik V, for example, you cannot drink any alcohol for the first 56 days? Well, because alcohol biodegrades graphene. In other words, we have literally hunted them down.

Now, we just have to demonstrate tonight —of course, with scientific papers, everything I am telling you—, everything and more of what I am telling you. You are already going to fit all the pieces together perfectly. And of course, if anyone is listening to me: do not inoculate yourself.

We know how to biodegrade graphene and we know how to end this popular disease and how to end the magnetism of the population, which is exactly the same thing. 

This disease has been made counting on three main axes: an external technology that went hand in hand with the whole plandemia: the 5G technology (but also the 4G and 4G Plus) sending frequencies to graphene —which is the second axis introduced in human biology—, probably with the only option to control the population behaviorally and collect the neuronal electrophysiological effects when the graphene is installed at the neuronal level. 

But as I always tell them, they didn't count on La Quinta Columna. They didn't count on our investigations. We have hunted them down, literally. 

Graphene has been inhaled not only by those FFP2 masks —which were originally installed and then removed. Graphene, once inhaled, causes bilateral pneumonias. When it is at the neuronal level it causes neurodegeneration or neurodegenerative in general. Why? Because what is done when one measures with a multimeter the people who are magnetized after inoculation, is the graphene, which is looking for magnetocytes —which are neuronal cells that do precisely what they do is thinking—. Thinking is electrical impulses and they generate electromagnetic fields. Magnetocytes are magnetic cells that we have naturally in brain tissue. However, they are now enhanced by the superconductor graphene. Therefore, they receive signals much better and emit signals. Magnetized or vaccinated people (which is the same thing) emit and receive a signal. The objective was to behaviorally control the population

What is done is to emit frequencies, so that when we have measured with a multimeter —placing the electrodes at the occipital base of the skull—, we observe currents that oscillate between 180 mV, positive and negative in an alternating manner. When alternating currents are made -we are also going to present the study so that you know it-, what is done is to depolarize the cell bioelectrically: the transmembrane potential is altered. What you get is a sweep at the cellular level. That is to say, the phenomenon of cell necrosis and apoptosis appears. The cell commits suicide because it never finds dialectic equilibrium. It is constantly being changed with alternating currents.

This variable electric field is what generates variable electromagnetic fields. That is why the magnet adheres in some areas and repels in others at the same time. Okay, all this based on observation, which is the scientific method and not based on mRNA or protein Spike papers, which is just another tall tale. Get to understand it yourselves. 

With this, as I say, all the tissues are broken, first at the neuronal level and then at the tissue level, and this is the consequence of the inoculation of people with memory loss, lack of memory, pronounced Alzheimer's disease —if they already had it—, loss of memory capacity, loss of ability to think easily, and strange and bizarre behavior: neurodegeneration in general. And that is why a "brain tsunami" of mental delirium, bipolar disorders, abnormal psychological behavioral phenomena, a brain tsunami in July —in the official version caused by the coronavirus that we never had sequenced, evidently due to the global and simultaneous switching on of this 5G technology— is announced for next month. Some will say, "No, the technology is on." Yes, it is on, but not the emission of frequencies that they are going to send to cause those alternating variable electromagnetic fields. This is what these "smart" people who want to talk so much do not know. 

As I say, all this information will be broken down point by point in the nightly live broadcast of La Quinta Columna today, probably the most interesting, since we have been at the forefront of the planet in this investigation, in this track, and we have definitely finished with the plandemia from the point of view of the origin; from the point of view of what is currently happening; and from the point of view of what they intend to do. 

Everyone: denounce their magnetic arms in hospitals, ask for explanations to the police, in the courts and let's stop all this collective madness! 

A hug to everyone and see you tonight at 22:30.

—Ricardo Delgado, La Quinta Columna

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