Ricardo Delgado: 'They are injecting graphene oxide as an adjuvant in vaccines'

June 08, 2021

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"Well, we are with an inoculated person. Remember that the magnetism has already moved from the arm to the head. She now has five neodymium magnets —because I don't have any more at home.

Evidently, the magnets, if we take them, as you see this does not have any kind of glue, as Boticaria García says. She will have to answer before a court of law for the barbarities she is saying. 

(TLN: Boticaria García is a Spanish paid shill who claims that people are faking this phenomenon).

Please, move your head. Okay. 

Well, now what we are going to do is measure the potential difference with a multimeter. We are going to place the electrodes. Okay. Here, and we're going to look at the voltage. You see, this is the millivolt scale. It generates up to 50,000 mV. It's gone up to 180mV at some moments. 

Sometimes it goes negative, which means they're inducing this externally, but how? Through radio frequencies: external electromagnetic fields that generate varying electromagnetic fields. That is why sometimes there is repulsion and sometimes attraction of magnets. 

Evidently, those who criticize this phenomenon are either unaware of it out of ignorance or simply have other intentions, as you know. Well, it is marking less, although it has now reached 101mV, precisely because it is making barefoot discharges to earth. What we are trying to do is to eliminate magnetism, right? 

Graphene has precisely that quality: it becomes magnetic in contact with the hydrogen in the body. Of course it does. The reason is the lipid capsule that I was telling you about —Look! It's rising up to 144mV—. A lipid capsule to encapsulate, supposedly, what on this occasion we're going to call 'vaccine'. The mRNA is really to encapsulate the graphene so that it gets to the brain neurocortex undetected by the immune system. That's..., that's the sole purpose. And this is the massive deception that they have subjected the entire population to.

They're injecting graphene oxide nanoparticles. Okay. And well, for those who talk about the magnets, if there is glue and so on, I tell you again: why does the multimeter show up to 180mV in a person's head? Why? Have you no shame? And also you will be accused in a court of law, I say it again. 

Well, we are now with a detector... an electromagnetic radiation detector pencil. It has a very fine range. So, if you see that I bring it close, for example, to the router. Okay. So it detects... It also depends a lot on the proximity. Of course, if I put it in my head, Ricardo from La Quinta Columna's head, it will not detect any electromagnetic field, right? Of course. 

Now we are going to do the same thing with a person inoculated with two doses of Pfizer and who already has magnetism measured, in addition, with a multimeter at the base of the neurocortex. In the brain, in the head. All right. And look. Look at the porterior are. Above all, this is where it shows more magnetism. We are going to raise the hair, so that you say that there is nothing. Not now, but here there is. There is also magnetization here too. Well, it presents an electromagnetic field practically all over the posterior area, also on the forehead, as we have seen before. Here too, record it well so they can't say that there is a magnet. Anyway, a magnet would not detect it.  It has to be an electromagnetic field: what the pencil detects. 

This is unbelievable. This is what happens to those who are inoculated. Okay? They present an electromagnetic field in the head. Unbelievable! Stop it!"

 —Ricardo Delgado

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