La Quinta Columna reports on graphene oxide and dangers of 5G antennas in Dirección Correcta

June 19, 2021

Last Thursday, June 17, Jorge Osorio interviewed La Quinta Columna on Dirección Correcta, a program of the Chilean radio station El Mirador del Gallo, regarding their research on the true content of vaccination vials and on the component that could be causing the pseudo-magnetic effect and several secondary effects in the world population: graphene oxide.

Among the questions asked to La Quinta Columna, Orwell City highlights three in particular for all the people reading this now, as they help to become aware of the seriousness of the situation humanity is facing since the mass vaccination campaigns began. 

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Jorge (Dirección Correcta): They are irradiating something, that is what I could conclude without being a health professional, they are irradiating something. Is there any risk, Ricardo, for a healthy person, for example? Something that could be transmitted?

Ricardo Delgado: The risk of being inoculated, of being graphene that nanomaterial, already has a cytotoxicity by itself. But in synergic interaction with these external electromagnetic fields, the famous radiofrequency antenna and certain emission frequencies is multiplied, because precisely the graphene oxide acts as a frequency multiplier, specifically microwaves. In other words, the person becomes a super conductor

It's as if one magnet interacts with another. Let's say these people are marked, as it were: a person goes to sunbathe on the beach —which in this case receives ultraviolet radiation, but they are now "ingraphened" or marked—, as if a person sunbathing would do it smeared in alcohol. Logically, it will absorb much more radiation dose. In this case, ultraviolet radiation from the sun. From the point of view of a supposed "transmission", which is what the official version would talk about —the myth of contagion—, we would be talking instead about an electromagnetic induction. 

Apparently there are people who, for example, especially women who breastfeed their children, have seen that after they have this magnetic property when they kiss the child's forehead, for a while it seems that this magnetization remains on the child's forehead. We have seen this in many cases. Not so many, but a good amount of them. But, apparently, this magnetization also disappears with time. 

I think it's a phenomenon of electromagnetic induction, just as when we have a ferrous nucleus and we pass a magnet over it for a long time, it remains magnetized for a certain period of time. However, I think that those who are inoculated —the vaccinated ones, so that we understand this better—, present this characteristic in a more lasting way in time. We suspect that this magnetization (and therefore the nanomaterial introduced), loses its capacity over time and it's likely, therefore, that they want to make people take up to three or four doses a year. 

Just today Dr. José Luis Sevillano showed me an infograph which showed the supposed lasting efficacy of the vaccines over time, and it's barely from three months up to six, if I'm not mistaken. That is to say, to vaccinate the entire world population with something that does not really prevent the supposed contagion of children, the elderly, adults, all kinds of groups with this type of vaccine and to do it gradually and systematically, compulsively every three or four months, is a real folly, barbaric. In addition, seeing the casuistry we are seeing of this magnetic anomaly, apart from an infinity of thrombi, clots, edema, myocarditis infarction and sudden deaths.

Jorge (Dirección Correcta): Ricardo, is there any —of all the existing vaccines—, is there any one that produces more harmful effects or are they all the same? Are they all producing the same? Because you were telling me something at the beginning about AstraZeneca. You mentioned AstraZeneca, right?

Ricardo Delgado: Yes, AstraZeneca. I think that —from my point of view—, I think that it has also been a kind of commercial strategy, a marketing strategy. That is to say, sacrificing a pawn so that the queen advances in some way, which could be Pfizer or any other. I believe that what they have been doing over time and —in my opinion— is adjusting the dose of the nanomaterial introduced. It can be seen that perhaps in the AstraZeneca vaccine they went a little overboard introducing it and it generated more thrombi than usual in people, but we have also had thrombi in all of them. 

Today, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi was talking about coagulation. One hundred percent of those vaccinated have coagulation —and that was the video that we were going to see in the live show earlier, but we didn't have time—. That is to say, there is also platelet reduction. This is one of the effects of the vaccine and, furthermore, it is one of the symptoms of cytotoxicity precisely due to reduced graphene oxide. 

That is why we say that we are very clear about it, we are very clear about it. The importance of this, regardless of the fact that we are clear about it with different levels of knowledge, those people who are listening to us: it's important, extremely urgent, that if you present magnetism it's not funny at all. It's very important and above all alarming because they are not aware or normally they aren't aware that this anomaly in a world where we are living and where more and more radiofrequency antennas are proliferating, this has a lethal interaction. It has a lethal interaction.

Everyone remembers that during the pandemic all businesses were closed. Tourism —since Spain practically lives from this sector— was closed. That is to say, there were people who even committed suicide, the suicide rate in Spain and in other countries was multiplied by three. In France by six. However, what they never stopped doing was to put up these antennas. 

The antennas opperators worked until the wee hours of the morning. In other words, throughout the pandemic, the introduction of 5G technology has been followed, as if it were part of the roadmap of the 20/30 agenda: introduction of artificial intelligence, sustainable development of society —which I am increasingly afraid of "sustainable", because everything can be sustained by cutting back too—, and implementation of 5G technology. These are the three basic roadmaps of the 20/30 agenda. And that is what we are seeing: everything is moving forward and at a dizzying pace, taking advantage of the fashionable disease. And when we realize it, we are in hell. In fact, we already are.

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Jorge (Dirección Correcta): There are people, for example, who put their cell phone near the place where they have been vaccinated and a code appears via Bluetooth. I do not know if that is "fake news" or something that has been proven, what are your thoughts on that issue, Dr. Sevillano?

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: We have not leaned too much on that issue because we have enough with this, right? But it would't be unusual. Keep in mind that everything that sends a signal to that out there, that thhing sends it back. It sends it back and we don't even know if maybe there is some kind of top tier technology besides graphene, just to identify you. We just don't know. Once they might have put graphene in, why aren't they going to put something else in to identify you? It's Bill Gate's dream. What's more, he has said it himself: to identify everyone, every inhabitant of the planet. That is to say, to identify you means that you need to have a code with which wherever you go they know if you are vaccinated, if not, how old you are, what you do, what you think..., and that is a dream for them. 

But it's not something that has worried us excessively. We have been concerned above all, apart from those vaccinated, about the number of people who aren't vaccinated and who are expressing this phenomenon, people who have not worn masks and who have not had PCR tests and are also magnetized or pseudo-magnetized. That has really caught our attention, because then I mean this started before. It started before. 

But this is a nightmare! That is why I say that the priority right now is to denounce. 

They'd like it very much if we were to seek all our interest in selling them graphene, graphene, etcetera. They're going to call you from all sides, crazy. Why? Because people don't care about graphene. It's a thing that most people have their trade and that's it, period. But there's one thing that doesn't slip their mind, and that's that they have to sleep with a magnetic arm because they've had it vaccinated. That's why our job is twofold. 

I'll repeat it one more time: On one side, to denounce that this is a side effect of an unexplained massive vaccination, it's not a normal effect, it's not a skin blemish. No, no. It's something that isn't biological, that is technological but not biotechnological. A very rare effect in a mass vaccination for which the authorities give no explanation. It's very serious. Everybody, immediately start denouncing it. Immediately. Immediately. I already know that they aren't going to give it importance. In fact, they laugh at you, they deny it. They call you a denier when they are the true deniers here: they deny the evidence. An evidence that is visible to millions of people and they deny it. Look how serious the matter is. 

Governments turn a blind eye, they don't show their faces. You already know who the spokespersons of the governments are: the television stations. And the televisions, instead of collaborating with the people to lead them in the right direction: "Well, look, if you have a doubt, go to the doctor. Let them declare it, let them take note to see if it's not that you have oily skin" —that is what they say to people instead, by the way, eh? That this phenomenon happens because they have oily skin—, "go to such a place to make this clear, because this has a negative impact on the vaccination campaign and it must be made clear as soon as possible". 

Well, not even the televisions send that message. Governments don't open their mouths and you realize that this is very serious. That is why, as nobody here is taking over from the authorities or the media, which are practically all sold out and in the pay of the governments, it's obviously up to us, the people from below, to reorganize and defend ourselves. 

And I said well: defend ourselves, because these people are coming for us. Since the moment they decided not providing any explanation as to why those arms have been magnetized, it means that they don't have good intentions. And whether there is graphene or not, that in itself is very serious.

If you also want the explanation, we have it. If you also want us to go to a debate with experts and so on, let's go. 

They have already sent us several experts of yours: professors of something or other talking to us about graphene, telling us that graphene is here and here, and we have destroyed them all when they started talking. Evidently they were lying. But since we have already studied the subject, we have quickly shut their mouths, and they are now hiding out there so as not to show their faces, of course. Everyone they send to us is liquidated. 

That is why they no longer send anyone. What they try to do now is to try to ridicule the people who denounce, to deny them assistance, to laugh at them. And that is the strategy they are using now. That is why we have to vindicate this phenomenon in the health centers, to their doctors, in the vaccination queues so that they listen to us, that we are a humanity to which a clinical trial is being applied whose strange undesirable effects are not being picked up. And that is denounceable, but not at the level that I go to a lawyer. No, no. To the vaccination queues and to the doctors to stop them from vaccinating. It's the only way to stop this.

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