La Quinta Columna shares in an exclusive interview for Chile a photo of the transmission electron microscopy analysis of a Pfizer vaccination vial

June 28, 2021

Once again, La Quinta Columna was interviewed by Dirección Correcta. This time to share more of the results of the analysis of the vaccination vials and to make people think about how graphene has been silently introduced into the world's population: in FPP2 masks, in PCR test swabs, in antigen tests, in these misnamed vaccines and soon through intranasal sprays

How is it possible that this component that is known to have high pulmonary toxicity and to cause thrombi and other complications in the body is being injected into vials?

La Quinta Columna has already said it: it's because this is a direct attack on humanity. 

In the words of biostatistician Ricardo Delgado: "We are talking about a crime with the complicity of governments and states, or directly provoked by them or by supranational entities and with the complicity of governments."

Below, Orwell City offers selected moments from this interview whose duration exceeded 2 hours and with around 1,500 users participating in it on Twitch.

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Ricardo Delgado: In that study that Denmark did, which was also shared at the time by La Quinta Columna, with hundreds of thousands of people who used the mask and those who did not use it. In those people who used it, the disease was more prevalent. And they were inhaling graphene oxide nanoparticles..

We are talking about a real genocide, a poisoning of the entire world population by several ways.

Far from having been withdrawn, these masks are still being marketed.

Companies such as Nanografi. Graphene masks, directly. This one is from the company Nanografi: Graphene Masks.

If you want to know if your mask has graphene, soak it in hot water and do the magnet test. If there is magnetic adhesion, it means that there was graphene or that they were made with graphene. 

And someone will ask: why put graphene in the mask? But why is graphene everywhere now? But far from being on the masks, you should know that, also, when a screening is done through the famous swabs, also from the company Nanografi of nanoparticles, they also carry graphene.

Nanografi markets and produces graphene. In rapid PCR tests, probably also in antigen tests. In other words, it's a multifactorial attack with graphene oxide: graphene oxide nanoparticles to the whole world population.

The interest, the ultimate purpose of all this is much more obscure. We're going to see it and you're going to understand it when the 5G technology has been activated, especially when seeing the vaccinated. That will be the Delta variant that you are talking about.

I wanted to share with you the images that we have seen in the vial, okay? Exclusive images for all of Chile and those people who may be watching us. 

What appears as sample RD1 is the one we have sent you. More are going to be sent to take a more representative sample and with more vaccine brands. Specifically, this is Pfizer.

RD1 stands for Ricardo Delgado, which is my name, as you can see, in the lower frame of the program. 

On the left, the 500-nanometer transmission electron microscope images that we have collected. You will see here a kind of nylon mesh. This is practical. This is what graphene is.

The holes that you see behind it are just that, holes. And here on the right, I see an image from the literature, which you can find on Google, at 200 nanometers (a little bit bigger) of, likewise, a mesh, a graphene nanosheet. See for yourselves the content, whether it is similar or not. People who have worked with this material have no doubts

But far from optical observation and electron microscopic observation, we also have magnetic resonance and spectroscopy techniques that give exactly one positive control: the same wavelength. They give the unequivocal identity signal that what we have seen is graphene. Therefore, I ask again: why is graphene oxide introduced, in this case intravenously. Moreover, you should know that they are preparing the intranasal vaccines, which will be the next ones to arrive, both for influenza and COVID-19, in such a way that graphene is introduced in aerosols. Because of course, graphene in aerosols is more potent. If you don't believe me, listen to or watch the Minister of Turkey, for example.

Here it is: Turkey is moving forward with the first intranasal vaccine against COVID-19. Remember that SARS-CoV-2, which is the supposed biological agent of the official version, the one for which we never had sequencing of any type of institution, and we can put several. We were told that it was transmitted in aerosols or particles. Precisely like graphene, which is much more potent in aerosols. 

The Minister of Industry and Technology of Turkey is the one presenting the vaccine. He is not the Minister of Health or Sanitation, he is the Minister of Industry and Technology. First warning: he said that a group of scientists from the Nanografi company, which works with graphene nanoparticles, specializing in nanotechnology (not pharmacology), is working on the development of what will be the first vaccine against intranasal COVID-19. The opening ceremony of Nanografi's new graphene production plant, which will be the first vaccine against intranasal COVID-19. 

Do you want them to be clearer? Because they say so right under your noses. 

The purpose of what you want to do with graphene you will hear a little bit later, but first I will show you the link between pharmacology and nanotechnology. 

This has been carried out in silence, even hidden from the public in a shameless way when here in Barcelona, in our country, there was going to be a celebration of the Mobile World Congress, of the Graphen Flagship, and they were going to talk about the Human Brain Project, and the introduction of artificial intelligence, brain-machine interface with the graphene industry. And you will begin to understand these links that seem like a science fiction movie, but are feasible and technologically possible. In fact, it is being done in practice. 

You can see three leaders of the Graphen Flagship, a corporation that works and brings together institutions in the graphene industry, both in Spain, Italy..., especially in Europe. Mainly Spain, which is at the forefront of this, but also Germany, France and the United Kingdom, above all, which are the countries that are most involved in this pandemic.

On the left is Ursula Hohlneicher. Let's expand her curriculum a little bit. 

This person has worked in senior knowledge positions, supporting research, development, manufacturing and operations and global strategic planning business units at AstraZeneca. And I ask myself and I ask all the listeners: what does the director of Global Strategic Planning have to do, that she is not the administrative director of AstraZeneca with the graphene industry? Because she also works as a manager; she is a member of the management of the Graphen Flagship, endowed with two billion euros by the European Union. The CORDIS project of the European Union.

Indeed, we are very clear about it. 

Remember this. Aerosols. They are not the primary cause, but they spread, SARS-CoV-2. It was, extremely, the route of administration of graphene, right? Yes. It's the same thing: SARS-CoV-2, pretty much how it was most contagious, they told us. 

Graphene in aerosols is even stronger. That's why you want to introduce it intranasally in the flu vaccine and the COVID vaccine: so that you don't have to go to the slaughterhouse, but you can kill yourselves directly, intoxicate yourselves with this poison that you were talking about for bad in the masks, and put it directly through your nose. All right, there is, as I say, a lot. There is, as I say, a lot of information. They've also put it in the flu vaccines. We suspect that they put it in the 2019 flu campaign and caused what you already know. 

Let this image from the Irish Public Health Agency serve to acknowledge here in this yellow underlined paragraph that they do not have isolation of SARS-CoV-2. 

For example, there is also that of the CDC. Here, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledges: "Since no quantified virus isolates..."

That is, they have neither quantified nor isolated the virus. This is page 48, specifically. Therefore. We were never before a biological agent, before a virus, we were before a toxic agent, a chemical agent.

I would also like to share with you some of the movements we have seen in the stock market. 

See, for example, some of the industries working with graphene. ZEN Graphene.

Notice how there is a peak in September-October, when the anti-flu campaign starts and then stops. And notice how there is another peak. A huge upward trend, very significant right in January. At the end of December, which is when the anti-COVID vaccination campaign starts. This was the first thing that made us suspect that graphene was going into vaccines.

And same as ZEN Graphene, this multinational, we have this other one: Mason Graphit, which works with graphene. 

In September it rises a little with the anti-flu campaign, but especially in January it rises up. 

CVD Equipment. 

As you can see, it rises up here in October, but especially at the end of December and January. Upward trend.

However, it is no longer necessary to find links with the stock market. We know what is in the vial, so we are talking about a crime against humanity. 

We are talking about a crime with the complicity of governments and States, or directly provoked by them or by supranational entities and with the complicity of governments.

Link: Rumble

Pablo Salinas: I am reading, I am looking at the package insert of the Pfizer vaccine and there are no graphene particles anywhere. 

So I believe that a judicial action is certainly open if they are inoculating you with a drug that hides a component that has a proven adverse effect, because there is enough literature. That is in La Quinta Columna's official website profusely where it talks about, for example, that it has the cytotoxic effect of graphene oxide. So, if the prospectuses hide it, I believe that if a court does not receive a complaint from someone, from a victim, it would be something quite serious.

Ricardo Delgado: Any individual complaint would be enough to raise it to where it should be raised and put all these psychopaths in jail. 

Indeed, we are talking about the fact that they themselves recognize that it is toxic because they removed the masks. They have been so clumsy that they removed the masks. So, since you're going to inject it into a vein and at that rate because they're already pulling papers, I'm going to put it to you now that too, talking about graphene oxide being used as a helper in vaccines. Here it is for you. 

One thing is an adjuvant, it is not the main component. Let's say it is a component that is part of a very small percentage, but what we have found is not exactly small. 

"Recent progress of graphene oxide as a potential vaccine carrier and helper". And this is from 2020, logically. In the midst of the pandemic. 

Man! If you remove the masks because inhaled graphene oxide nanoparticles cause this, how are you going to introduce it via intranasal or intravenous vaccines? And also in that amount? 

Here in Spain we were already hearing about secret nanoparticles, the Pfizer formula had secret nanoparticles, but we were never told what those nanoparticles were. Logically, we began to suspect and we saw what they were. And in the list of ingredients of Pfizer, AstraZeneca and all the commercial ones, there is, in fact, nothing about graphene oxide.

How are they going to expose themselves away, Pablo? How are they going to say directly that they are poisoning the population? People have naively believed in these institutions, as they have been doing for 40 years, especially the elderly who have lived relatively well and naively think that they are saving them, that they are their saviors and that they are going to save them, when in fact they are putting in the poison that is causing death. 

I don't know the numbers for Chile, I lost them at the time because I didn't want to know more than the mortality rate we were seeing, but indeed, since vaccination was introduced, mortality has increased. 

Here, where I live, it is not unusual to hear the bells ring because three or four people die after having been inoculated a week before. There are also many heart attacks and cardiac arrests, because the heart is also an eminently electrical organ and interacts with that radiation. And if we are fine-tuned, it will do so much more easily. 

People with 60 years old. A tennis player aged 12. Two soccer players have died recently. This is not normal and here nobody stops and nobody stops this. Well, if nobody does it, we are going to do it. And this riffraff must be thrown out directly because they are cooperators, they are cooperators of an authentic genocide.

Since they themselves are not going to go to jail, we are going to get rid of them. And what we are going to do more than anything else is to make people aware of what is happening. That is to say, that this information reaches as many people as possible, that they become aware of what is happening and that under no circumstances they inoculate themselves with anything at all or put anything up their noses, or wear a mask. Nothing. Because they are all ways of administering the poison, the poison called graphene oxide. That is the only way to get sick.

Jorge Osorio: Ricardo, following the same idea. I was listening to the interview with Dr. Luis Marcelo Martinez and precisely because you talked about the paper. He precisely pointed out that he had very serious information in which papers were already appearing to normalize precisely this situation that you are denouncing.

Ricardo Delgado: They do indeed control. They control everything and can even generate scientific literature as if it were current, with an earlier date in time. They can do that perfectly well, but there are records from which it is known that the publication is recent. But of course, this knowledge is not available to everyone. So what they do is to deceive people. 

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