Breaking News: La Quinta Columna shares the official interim report of the analysis of Pfizer's vaccination vial

June 28, 2021

This is the official preliminary report from the University of Almeria, signed by Prof. Dr. Pablo Campra Madrid, who accredited everything that La Quinta Columna has shown in its programs regarding the optical and transmission electron microscopy analysis of the Pfizer vaccination vial, in which graphene oxide is observed.

As they have already anticipated, there are still other analyses and reports to be disclosed. The document has the digital signature of the professor and the official seal of the University of Almeria. 

This document will soon be released in more languages, as communicated by biostatistician and founder of La Quinta Columna Ricardo Delgado. 

Orwell City will, obviously, share those reports once they have been released by the team.

To verify this document, refer to University of Almeria: CLICK HERE.

What La Quinta Columna asks for is that you share this document as much as you can, make it go viral, make copies, print copies of it and take them to ambulatory centers, to all possible places so that people know what is in the vials. Share it with your relatives, in police stations, send it attached to the people who support this mandatory vaccination even though the vials contain this toxic compound that is causing the death of many people worldwide. Everyone must know about this direct and blatant attack on humanity, everyone must know that they are being poisoned.

These documents have been shared with the permission of those who analyzed the vial. As you know, The Fifth Column provided the vial that was analyzed and they promise that there will be more analysis from other laboratories, which are already underway. In addition, they hope that this preliminary report will reach more professors, researchers, scientists and experts in the area so that they can also begin to analyze these vials high in graphene oxide, high in this horrendous poison that they are injecting into people and that goes straight to the brain. 

Send this document to everyone, hand out copies at vaccination centers, go out with a megaphone in hand and inform people who naively believe that these vaccines will protect them from something. There is nothing but evil in these vials that will enter their veins if they agree to get vaccinated.. 

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