What to do if your body becomes magnetic after vaccination?

June 02, 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions recently, after the viralization of thousands of videos of people who get stuck to metal objects of different sizes and weights, magnets and even cell phones and tablets is: What do I do now? Well, first of all to keep calm and follow the steps suggested by health professionals who have attended several patients who have approached the health services demanding for explanations.

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Magnet test steps
Source: Infogaphic

1. With a light magnet (like the ones you stick on the refrigerator) or a neodymium magnet, localize the exact point of contact in the area of the injection and surroundings. It can also manifest in the clavicle area, chest, spine and head. Try with metallic objects and cell phones, since there are testimonies that these elements also adhere. Bear in mind that the magnetic effect can express irself even 3 months after the inoculation.

2. If the magnet or objects stick to you, ask a doctor for explanations and to make a record in your medical records. Take a copy of the document with you.

3. With this copy, go to the nearest police station to file a report under the case "Investigation of an unlawful act".

Let's demand the truth

COVID-19 vaccines are experimental. The labs have legal immunity for adverse effects and the ingredients are confidential. What are they injecting into the population? Let's stop vaccination until we have logical and scientific answers!

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