Dr. Pedro Chávez: 'It's the first time in my life that I, as a doctor, have seen electromagnetic frequencies inside the body of a vaccinated person'

June 01, 2021

There are more and more videos and therefore more and more vaccinated people who subsequently suffer an unusual electromagnetic effect. Far from being just an idea, this effect is tested by placing metal, spoons, forks, a magnet and even a cell phone on the inoculation site. They stick to the skin of the vaccinated person. The Mexican doctor Pedro Chávez, who has attended and recorded several patients suffering from this phenomenon (see below), says that nobody can explain what it can be or what causes it, everything is speculation. The magnetized places are also magnetized: the arms, the neck, the area below the collarbone, the forehead... It is also striking that this effect was produced in patients who were vaccinated against influenza last year.

Chávez believes that in order to discover what is happening to them, many studies must be done in the organism of the magnetized armed with frequency meters. He proposes to do them even in places where there are 5G antennas, antennas that will be activated between June and July. The conversation held with Colonel Pedro Chávez, also a doctor in Medicine, was very interesting.

Key points of the interview

The videos of people with magnetism in the place where they were vaccinated caught my attention so much that I decided to do the test myself. At first we used a magnet on the vaccinated patients, and they stuck. Then we did the test with a simple metal, a piece of cutter (see videos 1 and 2 below).  In both cases they stayed stuck where they were pricked.

Surprisingly, we started to see that patients vaccinated with influenza, last year, also presented magnetism. But this magnetism appeared in other parts of the body.

A 38-year-old woman was vaccinated in September against influenza with Pfizer. She came to see me two days ago because she had leukocytosis, more than 17,000, and platelets at 620,000, being approximately 400,000 the limit. She had electromagnetism in her neck, metal and magnet stuck in her ganglion chains. It was curious that electromagnetism could last so long in the organism (see Dr. Chávez' videos).

Links: Rumble | LoveoTV

Links: Rumble | LoveoTV

Links: Rumble | LoveoTV

A friend calls me and tells me that she is worried because her 12 year old son was vaccinated last year against influenza, also by Pfizer, and I did the magnet test and it also got stuck in the area where he was pricked.
There are many people, hundreds of videos are being recorded, from Aruba, the United States, South America... There is one of a teacher in Chile, whose phone got stuck on her shoulder. And the phones are heavy (see video below). She got two cell phones stuck to her shoulder.

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The other day, I went down to the homeopathic pharmacy nearby and as the saleswoman told me that she had just been vaccinated with AstraZeneca 20 days ago, I took two paper clips and they got stuck in the inoculation site of the vaccine. In other words, there are cases of Cansino, Sinovac, Astrazeneca and Pfizer laboratories. I have them documented. But it is said that there are cases of all the pharmaceutical companies that make vaccines.

Our obligation as physicians is to make a conscientious record of the patient's clinical history, to which we add a diagram of the patient's body, and with a portable frequency meter we will keep a record of the different parts of the organism to see the correlation.

It is striking that electromagnetism is not detected when we do a blood chemistry, a general urine test... So we have to resort to other diagnostic tools to see the correlation between electromagnetism and diseases that could occur in the future.

It is the first time in my life that I as a physician see electromagnetic frequencies inside the body.

We are dealing with the radiation that a body has. We do not know its consequences.

It is going to be interesting to be in a place where there is a 5G tower and in another where there is not. So, you put the frequency meter on a vaccinated patient without any 5G tower around and you measure the amount of radiation. Then you do it in a place with a 5G tower with the same patient and you put the meter on the inoculation site of the vaccine. We will see if there is a difference in the electromagnetic signal intensity.

In Spain the 5G signal will be activated at the end of June and beginning of July. Although it is said that they will be activated almost at the same time on a planetary level.

The theory, but it is only theory, says that the electromagnetic particles circulating in the body will interact with the frequencies of the 5G antennas and this may cause the appearance of clots and thrombi in any part of the body.

Another hypothesis is that to cope with this foreign material in the body, we do not know if it is graphene or carbon nanotubes or other ferrous particles..... This interaction of this foreign body causes prothrombin, which is a protein that promotes clotting in the bloodstream, to rise in response to this aggression predisposing to clots as well. A British presenter recently died after being vaccinated due to clots. So did a minister in Uruguay.

In the U.S. there were 140 million vaccines and we don't know what can happen.

According to VAERS, Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, in the United States more people have died from side effects of Covid vaccines, in 4 months, than in 15 years, from 1997 to 2013, from effects of other vaccines.

In northern Italy, last year, more than 40 elderly people vaccinated against influenza died.

I would like to make a respectful clarification to our friends from Astrazeneca, Pfizer, from Sputnik, Cansino... I am not accusing anyone, we are commenting on what we have found in our own medical practice. (see videos). It is an explanation of an observation.

Logically, two things happen: the pharmaceutical companies of the vaccines have the same supplier of the vehicle that transports the vaccines and that vehicle could have magnetic particles. There are two theories here. 1. The particles are magnetized before they are injected. 2. They are not magnetized and become magnetized when they enter the body. This is the most credible theory, and it is said that they are kept at very low temperatures so that the electromagnetism is not activated, and that once they enter the body at body temperature they are activated and begin to generate electromagnetism.

The other thing that happens is actually the same as mentioned above: that the inoculation of the chip or nanoparticles is not in the vaccines but in the syringes. Either way it is worrisome because either way these particles entered the body.

Links: Rumble | LoveoTV

Links: Rumble | LoveoTV

As doctors we are faced with the biological damage caused by vaccines, there are very extensive studies on the subject, but here we are faced with electrophysical damage, that is to say, the ferric particles and the electromagnetism of these particles.

In Uno TV of Mexico they say that the magnet is false. And, Maldita, a 'fact checker' published that we were putting a magnet in their armpit and that this magnet is the one that attracted the metallic particle (Hahaha...). And another has said that we put glue on them so that the magnet or the metal stays there. There is no more blind than the one who does not want to see

In the COMUSAV, we had a meeting with doctors from different parts of the world, there were people from Japan, because there is COMUSAV Japan, and COMUSAV Indonesia, COMUSAV Europe is being formed with some countries, and we discussed how we can help patients with the little we know. There is one way which is with a cotton felt, the one that women use to remove make-up, to which we put a magnet in the center, glued with silicone, which in turn would be put in the site of the inoculation when not much time has passed. It is removed when the person takes a bath and left for 3 or 4 days. When it is finally removed it should be impregnated with black, this is how I saw it in a documentary of La Quinta Columna, it happened to a doctor. This is supposed to wash away the magnetic particles under the skin. But if we do that and someone gets sick they might think it's because we took away the active ingredient in the vaccine. The other one is called biomagnetic pairs. In this case, studies would have to be done to see if the effects could be counteracted, that only the particles would remain circulating, but not magnetized. There is another theory that says that putting two magnets, one on the left wrist and the other on the right, of the opposite pole, would apparently deactivate the magnetism that is circulating in the body. But we have to check this.

One thing is the theory that we may have about the harm that vaccines do, which you can neither see nor prove, but electromagnetism is visible to everyone's eyes. The most objective test you can do on a patient is with the magnet, with metal or with an electromagnetism meter.

In the COVID issue they have been using PCRs that apparently are not exclusive to SARSCOV 2, they are cross-reactions with other types of viruses, or with other types of substances. This means that the diagnostic method has not been adequate.

We do not know if influenza vaccinees subjected to any electromagnetic stimulus developed COVID symptoms or if the positive PCR is also positive for influenza virus.

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