La Quinta Columna: Use a multimeter, measure the electric fields in the magnetized area, record a video and share it

June 09, 2021


Ricardo Delgado, biostatistician, researcher and founder of La Quinta Columna, makes a call to those inoculated who present magnetization in parts of the body to buy an inexpensive multimeter and measure the electromagnetic fields formed in them and to leave a record of their measurements in videos that they should viralize. 

This is a call to prove to the world and to the authorities that this phenomenon is real and that governments and health authorities want to minimize it or make it seem normal when, evidently, it is not. It is not normal to have graphene oxide in the body. 

Below is the transcript of Ricardo Delgado's video with the steps to follow. 

Good afternoon everyone. Well, first of all, we'd like to tell you that we want to take an action that is part of those that are already being carried out. First of all, I would like to remind you that tonight's program is one more step to close all the research. We are going to demonstrate how precisely graphene oxide has absorption bands for 5G. And we're going to demonstrate it, as always, with scientific papers.

That's very important because it accommodates how all this was done with the technological trials and what was caused and how 5G is being implemented, precisely, for that purpose. We're talking about graphene oxide and graphene derivatives, but mainly graphene oxide. We're going to present the documentation live. 

And with respect to the novel action, which is not so much, but it would be important those people who have a multimeter like this one, okay? The Chinese ones cost around 3 euros and 4 euros if you buy it with the batteries included.  These devices have the capacity to measure in millivolts. Okay? And you take the electrodes that are these two conductive sticks and you place them, well, in the occipital region of the inoculated person. For example, here or in the areas where they present magnetization. For example here. Okay? To see if there are really potential differences. Variable electric fields, okay? That oscillates between positive or negative.

What I'm interested in is that there's more than 0.00mV or 0.01mV, which would be normal. Okay, but not 30mV to 40mV or 180mV. If that's the case, please record that document on video

Those who have a multimeter or want to acquire one and can do that experiment, record it on video and send it likewise to Pinchazo Magnético (to the Telegram channel of Pinchazo Magnético) because this is not normal. Okay? 

It's not normal for a person to have different millivolts (of 20, of 40, of 100 millivolts) in the head. It's not normal. So it's one more tool, especially for the talcum powder fools and all those who're downplaying this, to prove them wrong

Well, as I was saying: important, in tonight's stream, if not, the nut is completely closed, because surely there is always something more to come. Above all, the names of the people who are involved in this global coup d'état. The institutions and companies, above all, above all from the technical point of view. What we are missing is precisely the 5G, because it cites, electronically, that component that is the graphene oxide. 

Best regards and see you tonight.

—Ricardo Delgado

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