La Quinta Columna finds the key that would explain the magnetic effects of vaccines

June 10, 2021

Source: El Diestro

In the first weeks of the spring of 2020, during the famous "running of the bulls", you will remember that there were several news reports about smoking and the surprisingly low incidence of the virus among smokers. With the virus having the symptoms that were explained at the time, that news was surprising and very incredible.

La Quinta Columna has been, for several weeks, denouncing through Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano the magnetic effects that many people are suffering after vaccination through thousands of videos of denunciation. In the last programs and after several investigations, they believe to have found the material that is producing this magnetism in the body of the inoculated people: graphene oxide. But yesterday, after continuing these investigations, they believe to have found the key to the virus, the vaccines and how to somehow mitigate their effects.

They said that they believe that the basis of both the virus and the vaccine is graphene and explained that graphene degrades with the consumption of alcohol and tobacco since this consumption generates an enzyme called myeloperoxidase which would cause the degradation of graphene.

This would explain, among other things, the limitations in the opening hours of the hotel and catering industry and in the smoking bans. 

Link: Odysee

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