La Quinta Columna denounces that AstraZeneca executives are involved in an EU-funded graphene research company

June 10, 2021

Source: El Diestro

What the hell does a pharmaceutical company have to do with another company dedicated to the study and research of graphene? That is a question we are all asking ourselves after the information uncovered by La Quinta Columna in the video it broadcast on June 7. And, as Ricardo Delgado has denounced in that video, there are several managers of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca within the management of the company Graphene Flagship.

If we go directly to the website of this company we find that, as they themselves indicate in the same, "aims to ensure an important role for Europe in the ongoing technological revolution, helping to bring graphene innovation out of the laboratory to commercial applications".

And all this, which would not be strange under normal conditions, is quite shocking when one discovers what was revealed yesterday by La Quinta Columna, the close relationship between this company and AstraZeneca. If we take into account that, in addition, strange magnetism phenomena are occurring in vaccinated people and that graphene acquires magnetic properties when it comes into contact with the hydrogen we have in our body, these suspicions become almost certainties.

But the most serious aspect of this whole matter is that neither the political authorities nor the health authorities have said anything at all about this matter about which thousands of videos have already appeared. The only thing left is for the people affected by this magnetism to go to their health centers to denounce what is happening to them so that explanations can be given to them. This is a real scandal.

Link: Odysee

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