Infosalus: The flu vaccine contains graphene oxide nanoparticles

June 12, 2021

Source: El Diestro

For weeks now, we have been expectantly watching the information provided by the 'La Quinta Columna' channel since it was discovered that many of the people vaccinated against the "fashionable virus" showed evidence of magnetism in their bodies.

Since then, thousands of videos have appeared in which many people reported having suffered the same effect, and not only after being vaccinated, in some cases even after having taken one of those controversial PCR tests that fail more than a shotgun.

From the initial discovery, the question was to know what was in the vaccines in question and how it was possible for these magnetic effects to occur. Suspicions fell on graphene due to the many investigations that had been carried out on it, investigations financed with public money, and the magnetism that this material acquired when it came into contact with the hydrogen in our body.

Then came the famous verifications of those sold defenders of the official story qualifying these videos as false, but without any explanation from both political and health authorities. With an aggravating factor: those verifications, besides being full of insults and laughter, did not give any answer to what was happening.

And now, after enduring all kinds of mockery and insults, we find that, oh surprise! The website 'Infosalus' reports in one of its articles about a flu vaccine that is administered intranasally and tells us that the vaccine contains graphene oxide nanoparticles: "They also created a two-dimensional nanomaterial (graphene oxide nanoparticles functionalized with polyethylene) and found that it had potent adjuvant (immunity-enhancing) effects on flu vaccines administered intranasally".

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