Dr. José Luis Sevillano: 'If you mix graphene together with biomolecules, it becomes magnetic'

June 05, 2021

La Quinta Columna —biostatistician Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano—, once again reiterate to the population that they must continue to viralize videos related to the magnetization or, better said, graphenation that the world population is suffering due to the massive vaccination that is taking place

La Quinta Columna dedicated a full year to investigate the origin of this strange phenomenon in the inoculated and finally closed and sent their investigation on June 2 of this year to the lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who leads the team of lawyers who will participate in the Nuremberg Trials that will take place next July 3. 

The team has discovered that the cause of the magnetization phenomenon is graphene. Vaccines, no matter which laboratory they come from, contain secret nanoparticles that are no other than graphene, which becomes magnetic in contact with biomolecules. In other words: it becomes magnetic once it enters the organism.

Graphene has been detected in vaccines, swabs used for PCR tests and even in disposable face masks. 

In episode number 43 of La Quinta Columna, entitled "Graphene in inoculations, graphene in PCR tests and in masks straight to your neurons (Part 2)", Ricardo and Dr. Sevillano have again highlighted two key videos that support their words. These videos are from official sources and were even broadcast on television at the time.

Below are the videos, their transcripts, and comments by Ricardo Delgado and Dr. José Luis Sevillano.

Link: LoveoTV


Presenter: Imagine a material that in addition to being flexible, is the hardest material in the world and also conducts electricity. It already exists, it's graphene. From it you can develop a whole world of new technologies. But it was not perfect. It lacked magnetism. A group of Spanish scientists have managed to give it that gift. How? By mixing graphene with living molecules.

Scientist: I have put A and B together. And neither A is magnetic and neither B is magnetic. Why is it that when I put it together it suddenly becomes a magnetic thing? This is the magic moment.

Presenter: And what is the point of graphene being magnetic? 

Well, magnetism is what makes it possible to store a lot of information. For example, on a flash drive or a hard drive. Magnetic graphene would multiply that possibility by millions of times.

How could this magnetic graphene be obtained? 

They did it here, in this microscope that exactly reproduces the conditions of the cosmos space with a minimum pressure and a temperature of 270ºC below zero. This is the only way they could achieve the miracle. Our scientists believe they could grow neurons on graphene and control their impulses, interfering with and controlling the signal that is transmitted by neurons eventually grown on graphene. And this is a truly exciting possibility, because it could help combat many neurological maladies. Graphene - how could it not? There is no limit to this curiosity.

Link: LoveoTV


Although by the end of January they will have already vaccinated 40,000 people out of the 80,000 doses they foresee. We could say that it is both artisanal and industrial. The raw material of Pfizer's vaccine is a combination of certain secret nanoparticles and ribonucleic acid. It will not be easy to repeat millions of batches identical to those that have already proven effective.

La Quinta Columna about the videos and information resulting from their research:

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Seeing what you have seen there, what are these nanoparticles going to be made of? Question for school students: What are these nanoparticles going to be made of? Have you heard the word 'graphene'? Almost certainly. And also, that man tells us in the same video that: "Look, we discovered that it is not magnetic on the outside, but inside? Bang! Magnetic. And now we have arm... Yes, let's put it on. Yes, yes..."

Ricardo Delgado: You have listened well. Let's see the secret formula of the Pfizer vaccine. What secret nanoparticles do you think we are talking about? If the multinational company Nanografi itself, which is dedicated to the production of graphene, develops intranasal vaccines. And you are seeing that graphene has magnetic properties because you have just seen it. Inside the body it becomes magnetic. And graphene can be introduced into the vials, into the vaccines. Is that clear now? Well, we have to remember that, especially for the new people who are entering La Quinta Columna and are aware of it.

Dr. José Luis Sevillano: Look at what we have discovered: that there are nanoparticles. How many of you knew that in the vaccine, whatever the brand, there were secret nanoparticles? How many of you knew that there were secret things? Yes, you had heard, like me, that it could not be analyzed, that it was forbidden by law. We haven't found those texts, but everybody knows that it can't be analyzed. And it turns out that they have secret nanoparticles. That the TV says so, in fact, they tell us "conspiracy theorists". And now it turns out that this man on TV tells us that suddenly they realize that if you put graphene with biological molecules, bam! Graphene becomes magnetic. This is a property that we have already described here, which is part of the theory of systems and emergent properties, which is its strength. That systems theory, that is, you put things with X properties together, and when you put them together separately they have certain properties, but when you put them together they come out with other properties that nobody expected. That is what happens with graphene: it is not magnetic, biomolecules are not magnetic, but if you put them together, what you put together is magnetic.

At the beginning we were so blind, without knowing we said: "There must be metals here, there must be magnets for people to be magnetic". That was at the stage where we were looking, but now we have found the answer, and we no longer need heavy metals, or ferro-magnetic metals, or any of that. We have found what we were looking for. We already know it to the extent that there is a company in which the Minister of Industry of Turkey is in charge of manufacturing the vaccine. A guy who is dedicated to that, who has a company. So, he's managing an industry where they only talk about graphene. And that's the guy who is in charge of making the vaccine for you who are going to inhale it. What a thing we conspiracy theorists discovered, right? It's a matter of control or a Chinese virus with this message. There are nothing but imbeciles in this play we are witnessing, nothing but idiots and evil. And the only ones who do not let us into the play, we are intelligent and good people who want to do good to people

(...) Don't stop making videos, don't stop showing them to all people you can; wherever you can to put pressure on them. They are now in that phase of silence. The dead silence. In other words, everybody knows it, but they keep their mouths shut. The one who has vaccinated says "But what have I done here?" And the one who has been vaccinated: "Holy shit, I've been played!"We are already in that phase of shock. When you suffer a shock, you freeze, paralyzed, frozen. Catatonic. That is to say, you don't respond. They are all saying: "What do I do now?" Well, you have to push them to do something. The first thing: that they stop doing this, that there are no more victims. They are no longer vaccinated, but victims of something that we do not know with what intentions it is there. We don't know, but we sense it, but we don't know, we are still looking for it.

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